7 Revelations You Have When Your Sister Has Her Heart Broken


There's no prescription for heartbreak. It's even worse when someone close to you like your sister is experiencing that god-awful feeling of brokenness. Her heartbreak hurts almost as much as if you were going through it personally. It's that serious.

Because you've been with your sister through it all, you saddle up and try to help her through it. You'll toy with the idea that you've seen your sister during her happiest times, and now in her saddest. It can be a lot to take in and manage. But, like most trials and tribulations, you run into some worldly revelations along the way.

1. People Really Can Be The Worst

Seeing your sister hurt will make you strongly dislike whoever hurt her. People can be horrible, and you'll get pissed at the idea that one of them got a hold of your sis. Honestly though, that's one bad person out of the way. The optimist in you won't settle for thinking that there are only bad people in the world.

2. Her Happiness Determines Your Happiness

Yeah, you and your sister live different lives, but knowing she's down and upset has an affect on you. You guys aren't telekinesis twins or anything, but your vibes are parallel. If she's sad, then you're sad, and it's hard to face life normally if she's not OK.

3. Your Parents Were Right; Ya'll Need Each Other

As much as you never want to admit that your parents were right, they usually are. No matter what beef you and your sister had in the past, it's immediately squashed when either of you really need each other. That's what family is for.

4. It's OK Not To Be Strong All Of The Time

You're probably used to seeing your sister on her A game. If you're the youngest, you're certainly not used to seeing your older sister super vulnerable. Realizing she has a soft side will further drill in your brain that we are all human.

5. You're More Selfless Than You Thought

When tending to your sister, it's not about you... at all. Every ounce of energy is put into helping her get through this rough patch of life. You'll be surprised how much you don't mind detaching from yourself and catering to whatever she needs. You know she'd do the same.

6. Healing Is Different For Everyone

Alexander Shustov/ Unsplash

What worked for you doesn't necessarily work for your sister when encountering a break up. You're two different people and you'll accept that healing has no time frame or playbook. Whatever way she decides to get over it, you're right by her side. So, whether it's dancing until your legs turn into Jell-O or watching a marathon of sappy movies, you're down.

7. Childhood Needs To Come Back, ASAP

Why do people have to get their heart broken? You'll wish that the only thing you two were crying over were scraped knees from running outside. Her heartbreak will be a blunt reminder you guys aren't kids anymore, and you miss that. Your sister is your ride or die, hand-delivered by your parents. No matter the situation, you have each other's backs through anything life throws your way.