21 Regrets You Wouldn't Have If You Just Stayed Home Last Night

No one actually enjoys saying "no" to people.

When someone hits you up with a last-minute invite for cocktails and karaoke, or to try the new bar that just opened up across the street, your immediate FOMO-ridden instinct is to respond with an enthusiastic "YASSS."

But, more often than not, you find yourself waking up that next day consumed more by regrets than by happy memories.

As much as you don't want to miss out on the world, sometimes, it really is better to just stay home.

Here are 21 regrets you wouldn't have if you'd done just that last night.

1. The deep, burdening sadness you feel when your alarm starts blaring at 7 am.

2. The painful sting of crusty, day-old makeup lingering in your eyes.

3. Your new pair of shoes you managed to ruin in the course of just one night out on the town.

4. The hateful look in your dog's eyes as he guilt-trips you for accidentally stepping on him when you barged through your front door last night.

5. Your roommate's indefinite silent treatment, which, if we're being honest, you probably deserve (even though you still can't figure out what exactly it is you did wrong).

6. Devouring those leftovers at 3 am -- you know, the ones you were planning to take to work for lunch.

7. Your mom's passive aggressive texts about not letting her know you got home safely last night.

8. The cracked screen on your phone, which you'll now have to replace for the fourth time.

9. The crusted, unwashed skillet that sat in your sink overnight after you apparently decided you needed to make eggs when you got home (OK, how much did you actually eat last night?!).

10. That intense side-eye from your boss as you roll into the office looking disheveled AF.

11. The throbbing headache that somehow convinces you taking three Advil every six hours is actually a good idea.

12. The rank stench of your unwashed underarms, because you were too tired to wake up early enough for a shower.

13. Your bestie ghosting you for blowing up her phone last night so you could cry about your ex from three years ago.

14. Your full-fledged panic as you rush to untag yourself from dozens of embarrassing photos taken last night.

15. Every single scent around you feeling like an actual assault on your nostrils.

16. The workout class you're probably going to skip for the third time in a row now.

17. The new bruises on your arm, the origins of which you still cannot seem to figure out.

18. Obsessively checking your phone every two minutes for a text from that cutie you gave your number to last night.

19. The perpetual dehydration that no amount of water is able to solve.

20. The deep and painful cringe you experience when you check your bank statement.

21. The twitch and vibration of your muscles from all the caffeine you had to chug today.