5 Reasons Why Summer Shouldn't Be An Excuse For Half-Baked Dreams In Your 20s


Once summer hits, you just want to let the sunshine run its course and forget about everything else. And while being carefree sometimes is good for the soul, you can't put your dreams on the back burner (no matter how hot it is).

Dreams should never have seasonal constraints, not even for the highly-anticipated summer.

In order to be able to acquire those beautiful dreams someday, you'll need to put persistence on the top of your list throughout the year, even before that sun-kissed glow.

You can't really take a break from going after the things you genuinely want in life... and that's what makes them so special once you accomplish them.

Needless to say, here are five reasons why summer plans shouldn't get in the way of staying focused on your dreams in your 20s.

1. Other People's Busyness Will Make You Feel Crummy AF

Les Anderson/ Unsplash

While you may be sitting around putting off your dreams, other people are relentlessly inching toward their own.

Witnessing this will only make you feel bad about the efforts you should be putting forth for yourself... so don't waste any time, and go for it.

2. You May Fall Behind Once The Season Changes

Seasons change. And with any new transition comes a new time where you'll be behind on the things you want because you let the weather depict your stride.

Keep the motivation steady, regardless of the season.

3. You Might Lose Sight Of What You Truly Want

Creating your own voided space not only veers you off course physically, but it messes with your head. The less you think about how much you desire these dreams, the less strength and validity you give them.

4. You'll Regret The Time You Wasted Because You'll Never Get It Back

Regret is easy to turn to when you've left yourself no other option.

Each passing day is an incredible gift and should be treated as such. You can't turn back the clock, and you most likely don't want to look back and regret the days you wasted.

Sure, snoozing in the sun on the beach is a great feeling, but make sure you're leaving some time for those dreams of yours, too.

5. Your Dreams Won't Happen Overnight, But They Will Come True Someday

There's no solid timeline to when our dreams come full-circle, but it has a lot to do with the time and effort you gave to them.

They don't miraculously happen when you snap your fingers, but you best believe a combination of nights and days is what gets you there. Take control of your life.

It's OK to have your head in the clouds and close to that warm summer sun, but don't let it be the only place your head is at this season.

Keep your eyes on the prize.