5 Questions You'll Be Asked At Thanksgiving If You're A Recent Grad

by Adam London
The CW

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year.

Family and friends congregate to enjoy mouth-watering food, a full slate of football and simply to enjoy each other's company.

The holiday also calls for reuniting with friends and family members you may have not seen for a while, eager to catch up and find out about what's going on in your life.

As you get older, the holiday small talk gets progressively more irritating and it arguably reaches the pinnacle of dreadfulness as you graduate college.

Here are five questions recent grads will definitely be asked this Thanksgiving:

1. What are you doing for work?

It's not uncommon for recent grads to be working unappealing jobs fresh out of college.

It's not like you're going to be making six figures right after you receive your diploma, and student loans and other bills need to be paid somehow.

Having to watch your family members awkward reactions after you rattle off your unimpressive job is cringe-worthy, to say the least.

Sorry I don't operate my own law firm Aunt Janice, maybe some day.

2. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

It's great to have a special someone during the holiday season, but it's also not the end of the world if you don't.

Constantly being reminded of your singlehood by the never-ending relationship questions family members throw at you is not only annoying, it's exhausting.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Why don't you? Are you at least dating? I could set you up with someone!

Lets pump the brakes on the eHarmony questions, guys.

3. Do you miss college?

As recent grads are only months removed from college, this question really hits close to home.

No, I don't miss seeing all of my friends on a daily basis and going out with them several nights a week. Nor do I miss a time of not having as many responsibilities. I really don't miss the home away from home that was undoubtedly the best four years of my life.


I'm really enjoying working nine to five, constantly worrying about finances and staying afloat and wondering how the hell I'm gonna make it in the real world. Why would I miss college? (Really, WTF kind of question is this one?)

4. What's your dream job?

The age-old question.

Let's see: First I wanted to be a professional athlete, but that surprisingly didn't work out. I thought about becoming a movie star but I couldn't find the right role to capture all of my talents. Also, it was a huge let down that Apple didn't hire me as their new CEO after Steve Jobs passed away.

In all seriousness, of course it's important to be ambitious and have goals set for yourself, but as a recent grad this idea of a “dream job” can change at the drop of a hat.

In the meantime, I think most of us are concerned with making enough money to go out on the weekends and fund our Netflix accounts.

5. What do you want for Christmas?

Thanksgiving Day might as well be known as the first day of Christmas preparation.

Relatives will make their rounds to find out what everyone wants for Christmas. As a recent grad, you're in kind of a tricky situation -- you want money.

The days of gift cards to the Gap and iPod Shuffles are long gone.

However, asking for cash is impolite and ignorant, so you're forced to go with the classic, “I don't really need anything.”

This question was a lot easier when all you wanted was everything in Toys "R" Us.

Your family and friends ask you these questions because they're genuinely interested in knowing how your life is going and are excited to hear the latest news from you.

Yes, you'll have to repeat the same boring (and sometimes embarrassing) answers all day, but remember the questions are coming from a good place.