6 Crucial Pacts You Need To Make With Your Sister Before Hitting 25

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The bond between sisters is very different than a bond between friends. Some friends may come and go. But when it comes to your sister, you know she'll be by your side for life. Your sister was there when you were kids, and she'll be there when you're two old women gossiping on the porch. Any special bond like that comes with true commitment, which is why there are some crucial pacts to make with your sister.

These are the agreements you make together that truly show your love for each other. There are at least six pacts that you both need to make before hitting 25. You've probably already agreed to these pacts without ever having to say something to each other. Whether you've addressed them, or they're just common knowledge between the two of you, you both have decided that these are the rules you must live by to be good sisters, always and forever.

1. I Have Your Back

No matter what decisions your sister makes, you support her endlessly. This could be her decisions in her career, school, or even when she's fighting with friends. You will always have your sister's back, no questions asked. You may not agree with some of the decisions and offer a little advice, but at the end of the day, you support her 100 percent.

2. I Won't Let You Date A Loser


Your sister may fall for some guys who just aren't up to par, because, let's face it, she's #queen. It is your sisterly duty to make sure she doesn't date any bad dudes. She is special and deserves the best, so all of her boyfriends should honestly be scared of you. You will not hold back on this sister pact, and you simply will not let her date someone unworthy of her.

3. I Can Tease You, But No One Else Can

As sisters, you'll obviously tease each other. She's allowed to say you're a nerd, but if anyone else calls you names, they are in major trouble. Your sister will not let anyone hurt you. She will be there to fight and stick up to anyone who may try.

4. Sisters Before Misters

You might both have the same taste in guys; it happens. However, you will always choose each other before any guy. No one is worth hurting your sister over.

5. I Will Be Honest

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It is your sisterly duty to be brutally honest. You are the only person that can dish the truth without hurting her. She can take it from you, and she trusts that you will be the one to tell her when everyone else is timid.

6. I Will Always Be There, Any Time Of Day

Even if I'm dead asleep, if my sister calls, I will always answer the phone. I will be there for her anytime, anywhere. If your sister needs advice on any subject, or even just a quick answer to a yes or no question, you are there. You may not be an expert, but the most important thing is that you are around when she needs you most. You know you can always rely on her, and she can rely on you.