10 Reasons Why Growing Up With A Sister Prepared You To Be The Ultimate BFF

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I'm not going to lie; having a sister is challenging at times, but ultimately, the tight bond I have with mine made me who I am today. She's my best friend forever, and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you grew up with a solid partner in crime, you know your sister turned you into an amazing best friend.

Having a sister taught you so much about how to act with your friends and get through not only the good times, but also the bad. Your sister was like the ultimate practice test for when you make other best friends when you were younger. You should be forever thankful for your sister for many reasons, including these 10 reasons why she prepared you to be the ultimate BFF.

1. You Know How To Share

You were forced from day one to share things. From toys to clothes, you know it's just as nice to share the things you love with other people than to keep them all for yourself. You've had so many things stolen from you by your sister that you place more value into how it makes someone else feel, rather than the material possession itself.

2. You Can Get Through Any Fight


You and your sister probably fought a lot, but you were family, so you always had to come to a resolution. You know how to bounce back from pretty much any argument and not let it ruin your relationship. When you and your BFF fight, you won't walk away. You'll try hard to resolve it and get everything back to being OK again.

3. You're Good At Keeping Secrets

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You kept so many secrets with your sister from your parents that you're pretty much a pro now. You know how to be quiet about things that are important. This is valuable for any friendship, because your BFF knows she can always trust you with her life.

4. You Never Judge Her

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With both you and your sister, you've seen it all. You could never judge your friends for their quirky habits, because you've been dealing with your sister's for years. This is a judgement-free zone.

5. You Know How To Deal With Different Cycles

Lady problems suck, and you know when you're on your cycle, you may get a little moody or tired. That's why having two different cycles can be hard to deal with, but luckily for you, you've been there. You know how to cope. You also know how to get through it together when both of your cycles sync up.

6. You Know How To Give Feedback

You can be brutally honest with your sister. You tell her the truth without hurting her. Your friend may not want to hear what you have to say, but you're only trying to help them. They'll be thankful in the end, because you know how to give constructive criticism. It'll be easier to hear coming from you than anyone else.

7. You're Always There

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You had to be there for your sister 24/7 when you were growing up, so you know how to be there for your friends at any hour of the day. Your friends can rest easy knowing you're just a phone call or text away, and you'll always respond.

8. Any Girl Drama, You've Probably Experienced It

Anything life throws your way, you or your sister have probably been through it. Even if you're lacking in the relationship department, your sister has probably been there, so you know from her experience how to help out a friend dealing with the same thing. You can pool both of your experiences together to use for any problems your best friend is going through.

9. You're A Great Shopping Companion


You're a great partner to go to the mall with because you've gone with your sister more than a million times. You've also had to buy birthday presents for your sister for years, so you're excellent at shopping for other people. Anything shopping related, count you in.

10. You're Not Threatened By Other People's Success

Some people are competitive and can get a little jealous at other people's success, even their friends. Sure, there may have been some sibling rivalry, but you always wanted what's best for your sister. You cheered her on through all of her successes, and you feel the same way about your friends. You're not threatened at all, and want them to win it all.