8 Necessary Ways To Deal When Your So-Called "Best Friend" Turns Toxic


You rely on your best friend for a lot of crucial things in your life. They're supposed to be there for you when you're going through a tough time; they shouldn't be the one who's giving you the tough time. If you've noticed some consistent red flags that your BFF is acting different, your relationship could be turning toxic.

It's difficult to go from trusting someone with everything, to feeling absolutely horrible inside when you're around them. If you've noticed your bestie is now becoming your worst nightmare, and you're afraid of losing them, here are eight necessary ways to deal with the situation at hand.

1. Have A One-On-One Discussion

Jorge Flores/Unsplash

If you start to see things going sour, it's time to start talking. Schedule a one-on-one with your BFF to talk about how things are really going. I know it may be uncomfortable bringing up these issues, but you should be able to talk to your bestie about anything in the world, even the bad things.

2. Go Back To The Basics

Maybe you've gotten too comfortable with each other, or maybe your friend is taking advantage of you. Bad habits have taken over, so now things are all sorts of toxic. If you feel things getting out of hand, try going back to square one. How did you hang out when you first met? Do some simple friend hangs, like maybe a movie or casual dinner.

3. Call Them Out, And Don't Let It Slide

If they're being outwardly mean, call them out on their actions. Don't let their bad habits slide, because they'll most likely just keep doing them. Maybe they don't realize how much it's even taking a toll on you. Stand up for yourself, even if you're afraid it will hurt their feelings. Clearly, they're not afraid of hurting yours.

4. Bring In A Buffer Friend

Simone Becchetti

When you hang out, bring in another friend. See how your BFF acts differently when someone else is there. Maybe it's not just you they're treating terribly; maybe it's everyone.

5. Understand Some Friends Come And Go

You have to learn to accept that even some of your best friends will fade away from your life. Not everyone sticks around and is a forever friend. As hard as it is to let go, you have to learn some people are only meant to be in your life for a short period of time.

6. Try To Figure Out The Root Of It All

Sometimes, your friend is acting out because of a bigger issue they're bottling up inside. They could be taking their aggression out on the people closest to them and not even know it. Try to figure out if maybe it's a work issue, or if they've been fighting with their SO and it's affecting everything.

7. Take A Step Back From The Friendship


You may just need to take a break from this friendship. You're pretty used to spending all of your time with your BFF, and you could be burning yourself out. Take a breather from this relationship. If it's a true friendship, you'll come back to each other after taking some time off.

8. Turn To Your Other Friends For Support

You can feel alone when your BFF is treating you terribly, because they're supposed to be "your person." Take a step back, and remember you have other friends who love you and treat you right. They may not be your best friend, but they're always there for you. They can provide helpful advice, and who knows, if this friendship ends, it could just be opening the door for another friendship to blossom. And that friendship could end up being even greater. Everything truly does happen for a reason.