If Your BFF Doesn't Have These 9 Qualities, It's Not A Forever Friendship

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Not just any person deserves to hold the title of your lifelong BFF. It's kind of like Liam Neeson says in Taken; this position requires an extremely special set of skills. However, these skills are ones only a true bestie can bring into your life.

It's difficult to find someone who has it all, which is why a true BFF is hard to come by. Luckily for you, if you have a friend who has all of these qualities, you know to never let them go. Things like distance or time away will never diminish what you have, and they will truly leave a mark on your heart forever. Here are nine qualities your bestie must have to maintain the title of your lifelong partner in crime.

1. She's An Amazing Secret Keeper

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A real BFF knows how to keep even the juiciest of gossip. Even if she's horrible at keeping everyone else's secrets, she will keep yours locked away. You are the one exception and all things are safe with her.

2. She Has Your Back, Regardless

Your best friend should have your back regardless of the situation at hand. If you're upset with someone your bestie has never met before, or even with a mutual friend, she's instantly on your side. No questions asked.

3. She Knows Every Essential Detail About You

Your BFF can list off your favorite movie, food, song, celebrity crush, and even hangout space off the top of her head. She knows all of the essentials and can answer any question that comes her way. Having a sick day in bed? Your BFF will be there with all of the necessary tools to make you feel better, chicken soup included.

4. She Can Make You Feel Better On The Absolute Worst Day

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Just being in the same room as your best friend should instantly make your day better. Even if you're having a day from hell, she can cheer you up. With a hug, some wine, and your fave romantic comedy, your bestie is there for you to turn that frown upside down.

5. She Comes With A Judgement-Free Zone

No matter how silly you can get, this is a judgement-free zone with your BFF. You can actually dance like no one is watching with her around, because she's dancing right there with you. You can totally feel comfortable just being yourself and nothing else.

6. She Has The Same Sense Of Humor As You

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What makes you laugh also makes her laugh. You share so many inside jokes no one else will get. She can also make you laugh about literally nothing. Just a funny look, and you're on the floor crying because you've been laughing so hard.

7. She's Brutally Honest

You need your friend to be totally honest with you. You don't want to hear it from anyone else, because she's the only one who can be brutally honest in a way you can take it. She will tell it like it is, and you trust her enough to know it's true.

8. She Understands Your Habits

Let's face it, we all have some quirky habits we somehow can't shake. Our BFFs are able to accept these borderline annoying things we do. That's how you know they care, because they love you at your silliest moments.

9. She Makes You Feel 100 Percent Comfortable


You can sit in a room completely silent and it's not awkward at all. That is the feeling of being 100 percent comfortable with someone. You're able to just be yourself with your friend and nothing else. You immediately feel at home when you're around her, because she is home.