25 Mouthwatering Pics Of Fall That Will Make You Break Up With Summer

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Summer is great and all, but there are some things it just doesn't have. There's no football, no chilly nights, and certainly no crunchy, colorful leaves on the ground. Autumn has all of these things and more, including some of the most delicious fall food and drinks you can ever imagine.

Fall has it all, I tell you. The last of the summer produce is still in season while the autumn crops are being sold at grocery stores and farmers markets everywhere. It's just cold enough to start enjoying some of your favorite pumpkin-flavored foods, too. In case you're not convinced, here are 25 mouthwatering fall pictures that will make you want to break up with summer ASAP.

1. You can't enjoy a fall classic like pumpkin pie in the summer.

Creamy Double Layer Pumpkin Pie | Halloween Special #recipe — Deelish Recipes (@deelishrecipes) July 28, 2017

2. This twist on the classic pie recipe is just too delish to pass up.

Please RT #health #fitness Pumpkin Pie Mousse Shooters — Health and Fitness (@healthfitnessb4) July 29, 2017

3. This apple pie will win your heart, because all pies are in season in fall, obvi.

I made da best apple pie last night — Madisen Yeager (@YeagerMadisen) July 28, 2017

4. One of autumn's most delicious fruits is just waiting to be picked.

All Red Delicious apples derive from a single tree that still grows in an orchard near Peru, Iowa. — Pointless Facts (@FuquaFacts) July 29, 2017

5. Another product of the fall harvest is calling your taste buds.

Random fact of the day In Greece, it's good luck on New Years Day to break a pomegranate by your front door. — Monti's Cheesesteaks (@iloveMontis) July 29, 2017

6. This pomegranate-inspired breakfast smoothie bowl will start your morning off on a great note.

#BreakfastRecipe Chocolate & banana smoothie bowl with chia and pomegranate! @LucyFrancesP — LoveRaw (@eatloveraw) July 29, 2017

7. A colorful fall salad will instantly brighten up your Instagram feed.

Yummy late-summer / fall salad with some roasted butternut squash! #yum #vegan #food #healthy #healthyeating #recipe — Best of Nicole Marie (@bestofnicolem) July 29, 2017

8. This beautiful squash collection fits the autumn aesthetic to a T.

17 Nova Scotian Farmers Markets that will warm your heart and soul this fall season! #Farmersmarket #localeats — Navigate Nova Scotia (@NavigateNS) November 25, 2016

9. Aren't you just so excited for all of the autumn farmers markets?

Shop with your freezer in mind as summer becomes fall. Berries freeze beautifully. More farmers market tips: — food with a view (@foodwaview) August 1, 2017

10. This simple risotto supper is best enjoyed in front of the fire pit.

A lovely Corn-and-Ham Risotto for everyone to enjoy, cook it here with the #recipe >> — Food|Wine|Life™ (@HomeOfGastro) July 30, 2017

11. Even more fall produce is coming your way.

Growing Garden Fresh Sweet Corn >>>> — Small Vegetable Gard (@smallvegetableg) July 30, 2017

12. Can we just talk about this autumn rainbow?

I think he may be an Indian Corn eater by the look of him :) — chaff and oats (@oats_and) June 7, 2017

13. Crack open a seasonal brew, and drink up.

Who's excited for the return of this delicious #fall #ipa? Sneak peek release celebration at our pubs all wk long! — Deschutes Brewery (@DeschutesBeer) August 7, 2017

14. Apple cider vegan donuts? Hell yes.

Baked Vegan Apple Cider Doughnuts that are too good to be true! Better double the recipe! — FitBump (@FitBump) July 29, 2017

15. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to try this mulled apple cider with cranberries.

Please RT #recipes #food #cooking #delicious #cook #recipe Mulled Apple Cider with Cranberries — Best Recipes blogs (@Bestrecipesblog) July 29, 2017

16. This mouthwatering risotto deserves an award.

Please RT!! #recipes #food #cooking #delicious #cook #recipe Fall Risotto With Crispy Shallots — Recipes Magazine (@RcpsMgzine) July 21, 2017

17. Another pie deserves your attention (this time it's pecan), because why not?

New post: eight Pecan Pie Recipes That Aren't Simply For Fall! - — 何至上 (@hezhishang) July 15, 2017

18. It's finally chilly enough for sweet potato soup. HECK YAS.

#Asian #Curry #Dairy-Free #Egg-Free #Fall #Gluten-Free #recipes Creamy #Thai Carrot Sweet Potato Soup — Recipes Prep (@recipesprep) July 7, 2017

19. A squash bowl for your soup is necessary, because you're fancy like that.

Please RT? #vegetarian #vegan #healthyfood #recipes Creamy Fall Soup in Acorn Squash Bowls — The Vegan Magazine (@Tveganmagazine) July 4, 2017

20. How about some pumpkin fritters with caramel sauce for dessert?

Get the recipe for these beauties- pumpkin fritters with rooibos caramel sauce: #foodamental #recipes #yum — Kreatery Food Blog (@kreatery) August 8, 2017

21. We all know pumpkin bread is a very crucial fall treat.

Please RT #recipes #food #cooking #delicious #cook #recipe Spicy Pumpkin Bread — Easy Recipes (@EasyRecipesrss) August 5, 2017

22. Breakfast just got a lot spicier with pumpkin spice french toast. This needs to get in my life STAT.

EASY PUMPKIN SPICE FRENCH TOAST! Can the weekend get here any faster?? #food #foodie Get #Recipe ------>> — The Frugal Girls (@frugalgirls) July 27, 2017

23. The ultimate fall snack is, of course, pumpkin seeds.

RT switchtohealth: A powerhouse of nutrients, here are more reasons to #snack on pumpkin seeds - … — Rahul Banerjee (@banerjeerahul) August 8, 2017

24. Apple crisp is another autumn classic that's set to slay any dessert spread.

15 Best Apple Crisp Recipes to Make This Fall — Pahlavi Ltd (@PahlaviLondon) July 26, 2017

25. Last but most certainly not least, fall's most celebrated drink goes to the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

1 BIG Reason To Love The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte - #PSL forever, any season, anywhere! — GreenBlender (@greenblender) May 5, 2017