The 22 Ways Weed Will Save Your Life

It's no mystery that weed has medical uses that can no longer be denied by even the most fervent of its opponents. Over the long, hard years towards legalization, it's proven to help cancer patients find relief during chemotherapy and soldiers with PTSD. It's also shown to help with a bunch of other medical conditions, including cerebral palsy and seizures and has been praised for its uses by doctors and physicians around the world.

As of late, it's the wonder drug. As legalization spreads across states, its many qualities and uses are finally receiving the credit and praise they deserve. People are slowly removing the many stigmas attached to the famous herb as its advantages outshine its former status as an illicit drug.

But anyone who's been smoking long before legalization and acceptance seemed like a possibility knows that weed has been curing a bunch of daily inconveniences and life-threatening moments for years. Because people who enjoy the ganja do it to cure some ailment in their lives, the most common including a closed mind, boredom or stress. However, there are so many more times when weed has saved us from life and ourselves.

Known to cure many more problems than just medical ones, weed has become the way to handle the small obstacles and trivialities of life: when you have to sit through a movie you absolutely hate, when you have to hang out with your cousins you never see and when you have to sleep after taking Adderall. Because it's the little things in life that kill a man. It's the awkward situations and the laborous favors and things we just don't want to do.

It's all those times when you'd rather just die that weed keeps you alive. It's for when you're about to collapse from stress or die of boredom. It's for when you can't find anything to eat and need to write that term paper that your parents will kill you for not finishing. It's weed that saves us from all the horrible and boring bits of the daily grind and keeps us sane. In case you can't remember (because a fading memory is a side effect), here are all the times that weed has saved your life:

1. When you have a hangover that may just be worse than dying.

2. When you have such bad insomnia you might overdose on NyQuil.

3. When you have to be in the company of strangers.

4. When you need a peace offering.

5. When you are so stressed you can't breathe.

6. When you could die of boredom watching your sister's favorite movie.

7. When you have writer's block and can't stop crashing into a wall.

8. When you are around people you want to kill.

9. When you are so depressed you can't think of a reason to get up.

10. When you need to appreciate some good music for the health of your soul.

11. When you need to break the ice, not fall through it.

12. When you need to stay in on a Friday night because drinking isn't good for you.

13. When you are so lonely you start hearing voices.

14. When you can't find anything to eat.

15. When you need to pass out after taking an Adderall.

16. When you have to write a grade-saving review for your film class.

17. When you have to go to that modern art exhibition.

18. When you have a cold that won't quit.

19. When you need to save your sanity.

20. When you need to choke down cafeteria food.

21. When you have to spend hours in the car.

22. When you can't hear the music.