The Story Of Charlotte's Web: How Weed Saved This Little Girl's Life

Why is it taking so long for people to realize that weed is actually good?

It's official. Marijuana is the miracle drug and anyone who tries to prohibit it is just denying medicine to those in need. After all the facts and cases have come out proving that marijuana is indeed a helpful remedy, you would think the government would start speeding up its legalization. To me, it seems as absurd as denying people penicillin.

This wonderful story of a little girl named Charlotte who was prone to life threatening seizures since she was 3-months-old proves that stigmatizing marijuana is as ignorant as it is detrimental. I'm not sure why or when marijuana became illegal, but it seems that whoever denounced it was clearly someone who had never tried the beautiful herb. Because there is no way someone who tried weed would find its effects dangerous.

h/t: Quick Meme