The Powers Of Weed: Watch This Woman Cure Her Speech Impediment After Smoking The Reefer (Video)

As more states are slowly joining the bandwagon to legalizing medical marijuana, stoners alike are becoming increasingly annoyed at the slow efforts of making this "drug" federally decriminalized. It just doesn't make sense that a plant known for its healing and comforting abilities is still considered to be dangerous and illegal. How much more evidence will it take for officials to understand that marijuana not a threat to society, but rather, a help? Cancer patients, doctors, and now, people with cerebral palsy will tell you that it's a miracle drug.

In this amazing testament to the powers of marijuana, Jacqueline Patterson, a woman born with cerebral palsy, tells of her story to obtain medical marijuana in Kansas City, where it is not legal. After finding that weed was the only thing that truly diluted her condition, especially her stutter, the mother of two was forced to find cannabis on the streets, thus making her quest for help an illegal and dangerous activity. Even though she wasn't using marijuana for anything other than helping her condition, Jacqueline was reported for weed possession.

The new poster child for medical marijuana went to California (the safe haven for stoners) to testify her case, explaining how pot was helping her medical condition, and guess what? She won! One giant victory for Jacqueline, one small step for weed legalization.

H/T: Sploid, Top Photo Courtesy Of: YouTube