Made in America: 6 Specific Things To Do In Philadelphia Before Summer Ends

For some, Labor Day weekend marks summer's official end. The song of the summer is chosen, year-end lists start brewing and Pumpkin Spice Lattes fill Starbucks cups around countless metropolitan cities.

But for others, there are still enough skin-showing days left to explore our nation's beaches on long weekends and "sick days" off.

Collecting stamps in your passport is king, but there are enough national treasures to keep your travel plans within US borders. Chasing music festivals and planning Britney Spears-style road trips can create enough memories to last beyond the season.

Labor Day weekend, Budweiser ushered us into summer's end with its annual Made In America festival in Philadelphia. Not many outdoor festivals boast a lineup including Bassnectar banging the ones-and-twos and Beyoncé serving up her own trap mixes.

So whether you pack up your friends or choose to fly solo, here are all the things you can do between spilling and sipping beer in the city of brotherly love-- with some expert traveling tips thrown in for fun.

Snap a selfie in front of a national treasure.

Thanks to the National Park Foundation, there are semi-adventurous exhibits to enjoy in every city's historical epicenter.

For Philadelphia, a pitstop to Independence Square gives you an intimate view of the Liberty Bell and a peek at where the Declaration of Independence was signed. But if you're not digging yesteryear, explore the surrounding park area and take a snapshot Benjamin Franklin Gates would be proud of.

Pack more than Ray Bans and Advil.

Heavy is your head the morning after raging.

Let's be honest, generous amounts of beer and bud make it hard to detach from your pillow, but another shot won't solve your problems. Skipping extensive water intake the night before means the sunglasses and pack of Advil stashed in your Herschel bag aren't enough to endure a long day of municipal exploration.

Steal away an hour to sip ginger tea and gobble down a signature cheesesteak to stay charged up throughout the long day.

Eat local cuisine.

Every city is known for specific grub, whether you're in Maryland searching for blue crab or digging into a deep-dish pizza in Chicago.

Finding a decent cheesesteak in Philly is no different.

Most tourists head to Pat's, Geno's or Ishkabibble’s for a cheesy 'wich. But in order to really throw your tastebuds a party, ask a local to lead the way.

Leave all your extra outfits at home.

Don't be the bag lady after a two-day trip.

Sure, it's hard to unpack that Topshop mini skirt you swear you'll need, but if penciling in some retail therapy is on the itinerary, leave some space for souvenirs and clothes you can't cop in your hometown.

Plus, it's summer. How much space can flannels, crop tops and shorts take up?

Find local music to dance to.

Pro-tip: Plan to touch down in a new city when a summer music festival is happening.

BMIA festival had a lineup so major, Tidal streamed and saved it for your replaying enjoyment. But if dancing like Elle DeGeneres to Nick Jonas and Philly's own Meek Mill doesn't tickle your fancy, sniff out a jazz show at Penn's Landing or World Café Live.

Leave your mark.

Best way to imprint on new territory? Make new friends.

Connecting with fellow fun-seeking folks over beer and bud is easier than a Sunday morning. Or, by all means, feel free to hook-up with a hot guy.

Either way, give yourself a reason to visit again.