Three women look up at the solar eclipse in their solar eclipse glasses.

These Instagram Captions For Your Solar Eclipse Pics Are So Jaw-Dropping

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You're hyped about experiencing a solar eclipse, and we don't blame you. Whether you have a pair of solar eclipse glasses on hand to safely view this phenomenal event, or you're looking forward to watching a live stream with your housemates, it's a sight not to be missed. Don't forget to grab your phone, snap away, and document this spectacular affair with the best solar eclipse Instagram captions that'll spread the celestial vibes on your feed.

When a solar eclipse occurs, the moon is in the sun's path blocking it, either partially or completely, according to NASA. If you're in the path of totality, you're truly lucky and will experience a total solar eclipse. But even if you're in a partial viewing spot with the proper filters on the ready, you can still snag a cool picture and put some of the best solar eclipse Instagram captions to good use.

A solar eclipse is one of a kind, so if you're able to experience it, you'll want to share your snaps on social media ASAP for your followers to swoon over. Pose for a #plandid looking up at the solar eclipse in your safe eyewear with your jaw dropping, which will likely happen naturally. Or, snap a selfie rocking your cool solar eclipse glasses. Either way, your pics are sure to make a unique statement on your Insta feed.

We've come up with a bunch of solar eclipse captions that will pair perfectly with your dreamy snaps. This way, you can post and get right back to looking up at the sky in your cool solar eclipse glasses.

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1. “Sky gazing."

2.You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.” — E. E. Cummings

3.I need more space.”

4.My moon, my sun."

5.A magical moment."

6.Spreading the celestial vibes."

7. “Solar eclipsing."

8.Who turned off the lights? Asking for a friend."

9.When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine.”

10.Vibing with the moon and the sun.

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11.These glasses though, am I right?"

12.You can't solar eclipse with us."

13.A solar experience."

14.Twinkle, twinkle, little eclipse."

15. "Wine just tastes way better during a solar eclipse."

16. "Let's grab some moonshine for this eclipse."

17. "BRB, catching the solar eclipse."

18. "Now that's solar."

19. "Now I can say been there, done that."

20. "Have yourself a merry little solar eclipse."

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