December 2020 Solar Eclipse

The Last Eclipse Of 2020 Will Be An Emotional Ride For These 4 Zodiac Signs

Javier Diez/Stocksy

When you think of all the difficult things that can happen in astrology, you might think of a particularly irritating Mercury retrograde or a full moon that feels like an emotional wave. However, if there's one astrological event you can always count on throwing you for a loop, it's an eclipse. This is when destiny and fate come into play, and if you're not currently embarking on the right path, an eclipse will take drastic measures to make sure you're moving in the right direction. While everyone will likely feel its unsettling and startling vibrations, it's these zodiac signs who will have the worst December 2020 solar eclipse: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. If your sun, moon, or ascendant happens to fall under a mutable sign (especially if it's within the degrees of 18 to 28), then prepare for an emotional roller coaster ride.

A solar eclipse is symbolic of a brand-new beginning; a beginning so powerful that it can be thought of as a new chapter in your life. During an eclipse, the universe rips away what is no longer meant for you, even if you always thought it was meant for you. Oftentimes, the shifts an eclipse can bring about don't make any sense at all. However, by the time the next series of eclipses take place around six months later, it will all make sense. Activating the lunar nodes — which symbolize destiny and the direction you're moving toward — a solar eclipse pushes you down a journey toward self-actualization; a journey that takes you toward your higher self.

Taking place on Dec. 14 at 11:16 a.m. EST, this solar eclipse takes place in open-minded, philosophical, adventurous, and truth-seeking Sagittarius. Here's why it will affect these zodiac signs the most:


Gemini: You're Embracing Deep Shifts In Your Relationships

Your relationships are taking on a truly meaningful and significant tone. In fact, you may find that you're going through rapid, unexpected separations at the same time that you're rapidly forging relationships so deep they almost seem fated. Not all relationships are meant to last forever, and sometimes, a person enters your life for a specific amount of time to leave a lasting impact on you. Embrace the love in your life. It's meant to be there.

Virgo: Your Family Dynamic Is Going Through A Change

What do you call "home"? When you think of home, what comes to mind? This solar eclipse is showing you that home is not a place, a person, or a thing. It's a state of mind. This eclipse is forcing you to change your perspective of what home is and allow yourself to get used to a new normal. This solar eclipse is also encouraging you to deepen your compassion by nurturing your loved ones and allowing yourself to be nurtured in return. Resolve lingering issues that lie at the root.

Sagittarius: You're On The Brink Of A New Beginning

You may be undergoing so much change at once that it feels like you're rearranging your entire identity. Everything you relied on to feel like yourself is up in the air, as this solar eclipse reshapes the way you see yourself. It may feel like you're being left out in the cold for a while, but this vulnerable feeling is an important part of the process. You're letting go of limiting beliefs about yourself and being forced to look at yourself in a much deeper way. Get to know yourself.

Pisces: You're Taking Your Career To The Next Level

It's time to take your goals and pursuits more seriously than ever. After all, this solar eclipse represents a new beginning in your career and possibly even your reputation. You may be abandoning one path and going forth on a path that's far more suited to your interests. You may be forced to stand up for yourself or compete in a way you never thought you had the guts to. You're getting a glimpse of your future and asking yourself where you want to be down the line.