10 Ways You Need To Live Life To The Fullest Before You Turn 30

Jens Johnsson/Unsplash

There are a lot of exciting events that happen throughout your 20s, from graduating college, to gaining your independence.

All of these stepping stones eventually lead you to another big milestone: your 30s. But who's counting?

If you maxed out your 20s with all it had to offer, the next big jump won't be so intimidating. There's a special attitude in your 20s that you need to bank on so you feel fulfilled with that portion of your youth.

Don't let your 20s be another chapter; let it be the most incredible chapter thus far by checking a few, or all of these things off your bucket list.

1. Travel As Much As Possible

Atlas Green/ Unsplash

Grab your passport and explore a country that has a different lifestyle than the one you're used to.

You'd be amazed what there is to discovery outside of your comfort zone. It will give you a better understanding of how big the world is. We are all just small parts.

2. Fall In And Out Of Love

Sounds crazy, right?

Falling in and out of love doesn't make you clumsy, it makes you human. We're just spreading our wings and figuring out ourselves in the process.

3. Rage At A Music Festival

Music festivals bring all kinds of people together in one place, where they bond over the sound of amazing music. It can be a very unifying experience, and a great weekend getaway to plan with your girlfriends.

4. Plan A Trip By Yourself

Value your alone time. Being content with your own company and what you have to offer is essential to figuring out who you are.

It's hard to give yourself to anyone, especially if you don't value yourself or your own company. So book that random, low-fared trip to someplace you've never been before.

5. Embrace A New Hobby

You aren't born to be designated to just one thing, so never stop exploring your options. Besides, you'll never know if you have a knack for something until you try it.

6. Squash Any Unnecessary Beef


There's no need to carry negative energy throughout your 20s and into your 30s. Life's too short to preserve old beef with anyone.

You don't have to be best friends, but you also don't have to be enemies. As hard as it may be, forgive and move on.

7. Try Making A Living Off Of Your Talents

Because you've probably graduated college in your 20s, you'll be determined to make a living off of what you studied, or what you're good at. Go for it.

A lot of post-grads take the first job that will pay the bills. Try investing in yourself, and aim for something that will make you feel fulfilled... not flushed.

8. Dream Big

While dreaming big should never stop, there's a certain attitude in your 20s that can tremendously fuel your big dreams. Don't lose sight of that.

9. Try Out Different Professions

Do you see the overlapping theme of experimenting?

You have to get out there and try different fields of work, especially if you can't pinpoint what you really want to do for the rest of your life. Be a dog walker, or work for a student travel company.

10. Pay Attention To Your Mental Health

Last but not least, mental health is probably one of the most important things to stay on top of in your 20s. Talk to someone or seek help on any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Let your 20s be the doorway to more amazing things you will accomplish in your 30s. We only get to do this thing called life one time, so continue to be the trailblazer to your purpose.