How To Adopt The Aries Mentality When Traveling The Globe Solo In Your 20s

Wendy Laurel

All of my fellow Aries babes out there basically came straight out of the womb equipped with a suitcase and a passionate travel gene close to heart.

With such an open mindset, they've been ready to explore the endless beauty of life since day one.

Aries are known to be spontaneous, active, and extremely energetic souls, which makes them the ultimate wanderers of the world. They're great travel buddies, but they're even better at traveling solo.

If you tend to find yourself dreaming about checking off destinations on your bucket list in your 20s, here's how to adopt the solo, adventurous Aries mentality.

Explore with “the world is my oyster” mentality.

Wendy Laurel

Aries naturally embrace new opportunities at hand, especially when they involve exploring breathtaking corners of the world. Their drive to learn and feed their souls is what keeps them motivated throughout their travels.

Consider the idea that the world really is your oyster when embarking on your next journey. By going into a new experience with a positive mindset, nothing but good vibes will come your way.

Take the road less traveled.

Kristen Curette Hines

One thing to be admired about Aries is their independence, which is a key trait when traveling the globe solo.

Aries are notorious for being leaders from the get-go, and others simply can't help but follow in their trendsetter footsteps.

They know what they want, and they're not afraid to go out and explore new spots, even if it's a slightly less traveled route.

In fact, the road less traveled can turn out to be way more exciting than the popular destinations. Sure, they'll all be exquisite and wonderful in their own unique ways, but there's something about the mystery of the non-clichéd getaways that's so intriguing.

Be a fearless chick with an adventurous itinerary in hand.

Jayme Burrows

When Aries pack their bags and hit the road, they have a particular agenda in mind. And they don't let anything or anyone stand in the way.

As touched upon before, Aries actually prefer to vacation alone rather than with companions. This way, they can make an itinerary full of all of the daring, adventurous things they want to do.

That trademark fearlessness is a crucial component when it comes to embracing an epic solo getaway.

You cannot be afraid of trying new things and immersing yourself in a different culture. Put down the room service menu, get out of your hotel room, and go experience the world. Meet some new people. Savor delicious foods you've never tasted before. Soak in the culture around you.

Heck, why not go hot air ballooning over Granada, Spain, or cliff jumping in Hawaii?

The possibilities really are endless.