8 Ways To Learn How To Be Kind To Yourself In Your 20s

Greg Raines/Unsplash

Our 20s are filled with both spectacular and not-so-spectacular times.

There are days when I roll out of bed thinking, “What the heck am I even doing with my life?” Sometimes, I'm left thinking I've failed so far and I'll never reach my optimal happiness.

These are many demons inside trying to knock me down, but I have to keep reminding myself I'm doing just fine.

As much as we blame outside sources for certain failures or low points in our lives, a lot of what keeps us down is ourselves.

We can be our biggest critics and bullies.

It's crucial for us to learn how to be kind to ourselves. Our 20s are meant for mistakes (and we will make them), but the best way to dust ourselves off is to have an awesome cheerleader by our side. And that cheerleader can be you.

Here are the ways I've learned to be kind to myself in my 20s.

1. Your Mistakes Are Lessons, Not Failures

You will make mistakes in your 20s... like getting into a fender bender or accidentally spending too much money on a shopping spree with your girlfriends.

You will most likely mess up, because no one is perfect. You're still getting the hang of being an adult, but every wrong turn you make is just another lesson learned.

You haven't failed; you're just human. Don't beat yourself up.

2. Find An Exercise Routine That Works For You

Christopher Campbell/Unsplash

A great way to make yourself feel better is to exercise. As Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde,

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.

Not only does it make you happy, but it can be an instant stress reliever.

Find a fun workout routine you can do with your friends. You deserve happiness, so why not get it while also bonding with your BFFs?

3. Know That Everyone Else Has Insecurities Of Their Own

You may be dealing with some insecurities, but don't let those get you down.

Take some time to confide in your friends. I'm sure you'll find that not only are they willing to help you, but they may also have some insecurities of their own that you can help them with.

You know whatever nice things they say about you are true because your friends are honest AF. And nothing feels better than you and your friends building each other up with positivity.

4. You Will Lose Relationships, And It's OK

Naomi August/Unsplash

I feel like a broken record saying people come and go from your life, but it's true. There's an important reason for every relationship, whether it's for a short time or the long-haul.

You will fade away from some people, but that's OK. They were there for a specific purpose and it was special while it lasted.

5. You May Not Have Your Dream Job, And That's Also OK

People who have achieved their dream job in their 20s now have to make new dreams. We should always be striving for more because that's what makes things worthwhile.

If you're not at your dream job, that's totally fine; it just means you're still embracing your journey.

Also, if you don't know exactly what your dream job is just yet, that's OK, too. You don't want to reach all of your dreams too early in life because then you'll have nowhere else to go.

6. Being Single Isn't A Bad Thing

I'm tired of feeling the pressure of having to be in a relationship in my 20s. Being in a relationship has no weight in determining if your life is a successful one.

Don't listen to any societal pressures telling you that you need to be in a relationship. You're free, doing what you want to do, and waiting for that right someone to come along (whenever that may be).

7. Take As Many Vacations As Possible

Jeremie Cremer/Unsplash

You deserve every and any chance to treat yourself. Start planning vacations ASAP when you're freer to travel and explore the world.

Everyone needs an escape from reality at times. And don't let money be an issue because there are many options for cheap getaways out there.

8. Spend Time Alone

The best reset button for life is taking a mental break and spending time by yourself. This could just be staying in at night, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and watching your favorite movie.

You need time away from everyone else and their problems to really just focus on yourself.

Just remember to be kind to yourself, because you're doing just fine.