Spiritual, Next-Level Sex Is Possible, You Just Have To Realize This First

by Rosey Baker
Daring Wanderer

Sex is as much a ritual as anything you incorporate into a daily or weekly routine, only it's way more naked and fun, and can teach us a thing or two about how spirituality can be as freeing as anything done behind your bedroom doors.

But to have sex that is truly spiritual, you need two people who are open and fearless enough to have the kind of intimacy that this kind of sex takes, and few people really are.

If you want to attract a soulmate, and the kind of sex that comes from having one, then here are some spiritual sex tips -- "commandments" if you will -- that will change your attitude about and experiences with sex both in and out of the bedroom.

Sex Can Be Spiritual Without Being Clean

You don't need to have some deep eye-to-eye contact the entire time you're in the bedroom to make it a spiritual experience. You don't need to pretend you're f*cking in a temple somewhere on a mountaintop. What you do need is a willingness to completely reveal yourself to the other person, and that can be messy.

Have you ever tried messing around without turning the lights down, without trying to hold your tits together so they don't fall into your armpits, or look like udders while you do it doggy style?

Have you ever tried to be really and truly honest with someone before you jump into bed with them, letting them know exactly how much you think you like them, while also expressing your fears about how just saying that makes you scared you've ruined the chase?

Honesty is the most revealing thing, and it is not clean. It is messy as hell, but it's also virtuous. It takes guts, and the sex that comes from it (if you make it that far) isn't just going to get you off. It's going to change your life.

Revealing Yourself Attracts The Right Partner

When I say this kind of sex is going to change your life, what I mean is this: You'll find that everything you were afraid of before -- being ghosted, being passed on, being rejected -- none of these were even a real threat.

Oh you'll definitely be ghosted, passed on, and rejected. There are a ton of people out there who don't know how to deal with honest intimacy, and they will run away from it as quickly as possible. But it comes down to what you want, and you want a partner who is strong enough to take the truth and to give it back.

Once you've been through this enough, you'll find that you were really afraid of were the feelings you'd have about being rejected, not the rejection itself. But those feelings won't kill you.

In fact, when you face your emotions fully, they lose the power to dictate your actions. You'll start living a more authentic life, in the bedroom and outside of it.

The kind of person you have the best sex with will be the person who isn't afraid to hear every feeling you're having, even if you're afraid they won't like hearing it.

You Have To Be Willing To Slow Down

Once you find the right person, you have to be willing to check in with yourself and to speak your truth, whether that truth is, "I'm afraid of being cheated on," or if it's "I need at least 15 minutes of foreplay if I'm going to reach an orgasm."

This willingness to slow down needs to translate to your physicality in the bedroom too, and you may want to experiment with that, because it can lead to an out-of-this-world experience.

If you pause before sex to look at one another -- just look at one another -- for five minutes, you'll find that the connection between you amplifies.

You can pick up on and absorb so much by just gazing into your partner's eyes, and in a lot of ways you'll find this more frightening than sex itself, just because it feels so weird. But if you continue past the point of, "wow, this is a really stupid hippie thing to do," you could be surprised at how the sex that follows feels almost timeless.

When you feel that timelessness, you've reached one another on an astral level- your bodies are having sex, but more than that, your souls are actually intertwining outside the boundaries of space or time.

This is one of the things you can do to create real and lasting intimacy in your life, and when you get to this level, the fun is just starting. Pretty soon, you and your partner can use your orgasms to create and manifest whatever you want in your life.