What Is Astral Sex? How To Channel This Out-Of-Body Experience

by Rosey Baker
Kim Swainn

If you've never heard of astral projection, it's probably because you've been doing it your whole life without even realizing it.

Astral projection is what spiritualists refer to as the soul's ability to consciously leave the body and travel somewhere else.

Think of the cartoons you'd watch as a kid. A character would fall asleep, and you'd see an outline of their soul get up and start walking around. Astral projection is a lot like that, only it can't be seen, it has to be felt to be experienced.

In a YouTube video by Steve G. Jones, astral projection expert and hypnotherapist, he talks a bit about astral projection, and his experiences both astral projecting and taking his astral projection practice to next-level out-of-body sex with his partner.

How to know if you've astral projected.

Most of us have experienced astral projection in those moments between sleep and wakefulness. You're lying in bed at night and you're half awake, half asleep and your body relaxes to a point where you almost no longer feel it.

Then almost as soon as you've laid down, you find yourself flying through the air until you feel like you're falling, and your body JERKS you awake, although you can't be sure you were completely asleep in the first place.

This is actually a skill you can practice in much the same way as riding a bike, but if you're having trouble understanding why you'd want to practice a skill like this, astral intimacy might provide some insight.


What is astral intimacy?

To be blunt, it's astral, out-of-body sex with another soul. According to Jones, "[astral sex] doesn't serve the same purpose as three-dimensional sex," because there's no procreation, there's no STDs, there's no pregnancy, and there's no rape.

Astral sex is simply about two souls connecting in the spirit world and connecting in a deeper way. So basically, astral intimacy is better than three-dimensional sex in our physical bodies.

Apparently though, it's possible to have astral sex while engaging in physical sexual intercourse, and you might have actually experienced this spiritual space while masturbating.

Differences between astral sex and physical sex:

Sometimes we have sex just to have it. It's a purely physical experience, and satisfies a purely physical need. It might be physically pleasurable, but that's it.

But sometimes, there's a distinctly felt spiritual component to sex that can be felt while we are having sex. It feels like a magical, out-of-body experience, like you and the other person are actually intertwined. When it's over we are left wondering just how it could have been that good. 

"During these moments, you may have actually been having astral sex at the same time that you're having physical sex," according to Jones, in the video.


Soul-penetrating sex

It's possible for the astral body to be activated and for two people's astral bodies to intertwine during the act of physical sex, but for astral sex to happen while two people are in separate locations, it's complicated.

First, you and your partner will need to practice astral projection as a skill on your own, then you'll need to become comfortable interacting with the other person in the astral world.

While physical sex is usually defined by physical penetration, astral sex is actually the act of penetrating the other person's soul. It's like a spiritual double penetration, in that both partners are penetrating one another on a deeper, soul-to-soul level.

"Feedback is very important during sexual intercourse and that's sometimes lost in the physical world... but in the astral world, feedback is automatic, because you're seeing their soul," says Jones in the video.

Sonja Lekovic

Of experiencing astral sex with his partner, Jones described it as "all gravity being gone, all barriers to interaction and to knowing the person being gone, and [the ability] to have complete penetration of the other person's soul at the same time."

Sounds mind-blowing, right? Jones takes it a step further, describing it as "soul-blowing," which sounds like a whole other kind of astral sex.