9 Fun Fall-Inspired Activities Your Guests Can Do At Your Wedding

Tom The Photographer/Unsplash

The fall is a beautiful season for a wedding. Have you looked outside at all the colorful leaves? I mean, come on, nature is truly outdoing itself. You know your wedding photos will be extremely picturesque. And not only is it a beautiful time to have a wedding, but it's also a great time to attend a wedding. First of all, the weather is perfect. It's not too hot, and not too cold. Plus, when you think of fall, you immediately think of all the fun, seasonal things you get to do and eat. From pumpkin carving, apple picking, and eating pies, to drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the bucket list is endless. The entertainment this season brings is truly unparalleled. This is why it makes so much sense to have some fall wedding activities lined up that everyone can enjoy at the reception. Your guests will have so many fun things to do, that it will not only be your perfect day, but theirs, too.

You can't go wrong when you combine weddings and the fall season. They're both so perfect, it's like a match made in heaven; kind of like you and your SO. You picked this season to have your big day, so you know how great it is. If you do need some inspo for your fall wedding day, here are nine activities you can have for your guests.

1. Have A Fall Foliage Photo Booth

Every wedding needs a photo booth for your guests to get some keepsakes. Having the fall foliage as a backdrop for your photo booth just makes sense. The leaves, pumpkins, and hay will look magnificent.

2. Donut You Love This Donut Station?

An interactive food station is a great activity to keep your guests entertained. Who doesn't love eating something sweet at a wedding? A donut decorating station is great for the fall, because you can have an assortment of fall flavors like apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.

3. Just Don't Get Lost In This Corn Maze

If you're having a fall wedding on a farm, you can have guests entertain themselves by going through a corn maze. You can design the maze to spell out your new married names or some other design inspired by you two. It'll be fun for everyone, and you can get some great pictures in front of the maze.

4. I'll Take Five Of These Caramel Apple Dessert Bars, Please

I am kind of in love with this dessert bar. Caramel apples are a perfect fall treat, so why not have your guests make their own to eat on your special day? You can have different caramel to dip into, and toppings galore. This is now a staple for my wedding.

5. All The Festive Fall Drinks Need A Coffee Bar

Along with the traditional bar, you can also have a coffee bar. You can serve all the festive fall drinks like your go-to Pumpkin Spice Latte and chai tea. You can also have a make your own hot chocolate station, or spice up your drinks with Baileys and Kahlúa.

6. Have Your Guests Sign A Pumpkin Instead Of A Book

Have your guests sign a guestbook that's the ultimate fall mascot -- a pumpkin. Having your friends and family sign something that's non-traditional can be very fun and unique. You can also get a plastic pumpkin that you can keep forever, and even use as a decoration every fall.

7. Hay Rides For Everyone

You can give guests hay rides to and from the reception. It's something different and totally fall-inspired. Plus, you and your bride tribe can get some cute photos together riding along.

8. Dance To “Thriller”

I can't think of a better fall song than Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” It's also a great song to get everyone up and dancing to. If you know the dance to “Thriller," you can get all your guests up and dancing with you. It'll be like that scene from 13 Going on 30 where Jennifer Garner really revived that party.

9. A Trick-Or-Treater's Dream Candy Cart

Have your guests trick-or-treat for some Halloween candy at your wedding. This candy cart is so cute. You can even give your guests bags so they can take away as much candy as they want home.