The 6 Differences Between Having A Girl BFF And A Guy BFF

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I'm so blessed to have both a girl and a guy BFF in my life.

Although the dynamics between the two friendships are very different, I cherish them both just as much.

I know exactly what I'm getting into when I hang out with either of them, and that's what I love most about our bonds.

Just call me Hannah Montana, because I totally get the best of both worlds.

I'm a passionate advocate in how necessary it is to have both a girl and a guy bestie to go to for advice and different perspectives.

Maybe you only need one, but to truly know what you're missing out on, here are the six differences between having a girl BFF, and a guy BFF.

1. You Can Confide In Them For Different Things

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You should be able run to your BFF for crucial life advice, at all times.

Having a girl BFF: When it comes to having a female forever friend, you can confide in her about things you would never reveal to anyone else, and she won't judge you. In most cases, she's probably going through the same things herself.

For one, you can vent about your periods and guy struggles. The PB to your J understands.

Having a guy BFF: You'll most likely never get into period talk with him, but any other bodily function is totally OK. Unlike having a boyfriend, who you probably want to be super cute with at all times, when it comes to your guy BFF, you really don't need to be.

Let's be real: Everybody poops.

2. People Assume You're More Than Friends

You both are so close, people often assume you're more than just BFFs.

Having a girl BFF: You're joined at the hip, and maybe even start dressing the same. People will start to think you're sisters.

Having a guy BFF: You're always together, so people think you're dating.

As annoying as it is having to explain to people that guys and girls can be friends and not dating, sometimes this comes in handy when you want to avoid a total creeper at the bar.

3. Your Favorite Activities Are Different

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You and your bestie have a go-to activity you always do when hanging out together.

Having a girl BFF: This could be going to a favorite store and spending hours just looking around, or getting manicures while sipping bubble tea.

Having a guy BFF: This could be having a game night, drinking beers and watching football, or going to see the latest action film.

4. You Get Relationship Advice From Two Different Perspectives

When you're in a bind and need help drafting a text to your crush, you go to your best friend. They are your closest resource for relationship advice, and they always know the perfect thing to say.

Having a girl BFF: A girl BFF has similar stories, and can truly relate. Her advice will be thoughtful, emotional, and coming from a place of experience.

Having a guy BFF: A guy BFF can give you awesome advice from the other side. He's more in tune with what the other guy may be thinking.

He knows exactly what he would like to receive from a girl, and can relay that extremely important info to you.

5. What You Share Is Different

Best friends share everything.

Having a girl BFF: Girls share their wardrobes. If you need a dress for a last-minute wedding invite, you can raid your girl BFF's closet and find something you'll love.

Having a guy BFF: You share things like comic books, or even movies he says you “need to see.”

6. They're Honest In Very Different Ways

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You want to your best friend to be straight with you. A girl and a guy BFF's approach can be very different.

Having a girl BFF: Your girl BFF will usually think long and hard about how to approach a situation so she doesn't let you down. She'll also help you out in a very thoughtful way, because she values your feelings.

Having a guy BFF: Your guy friend may be more straight and to the point. He might not be thinking as much about your feelings off the bat; he just wants to tell you truth. Brutal honesty is so great.

One thing that isn't different between having a girl BFF and a guy BFF is they're both always there for me when I need them.

No matter the gender, they're still your best friend for a lifetime.