8 Cute And Cozy Date Ideas For You And Your Broke Bae This Fall

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Fall is quickly approaching, and we all know money doesn't grow on trees. The summer months may have gotten the best of your wallet. If you and your bae happen to be broke AF, there are still some fun and adorable date ideas you can consider to embrace the upcoming season. It's time to get innovative with your typical date night and dust off those oversized sweaters in the closet. Summer may be gone, but #baewatch is still in full effect.

Ultimately, you can't put a price tag on memories; it's simply about the two of you being together. The goal is to have some bonding time. So, if you're balling on a budget, try a few of these creatively rich ideas for your dates this fall.

1. Have A Fall-Themed Movie Night

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Make your own visuals for your date night and find those movies that hype up the fall scenery. Harry Potter movies are great at interpreting the seasons. They don't all have to be chick flicks, right?

2. Bake Your Favorite Sweets

Fall doesn't even seem right without the potential for baked goods. Whether you're using a family recipe, gathering pumpkin recipes online, or simply following directions on the back of the box, sweets are the way to go. Yes, they may be even sweeter than your bae.

3. Open A Cheap Bottle Of Wine

Who said you can't put your pinkies up to a $5 bottle of wine from Trader Joe's? It's the wealth of the mind that makes seemingly cheap things rich, right? Besides, the wine will keep you both extra cozy and warm.

4. Find A Scenic Trail To Walk Down

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There's something beautiful about the colorful leaves crunching under your feet during a walk. Fall has all of the scents and sounds of renewal. It will be rejuvenating if you're out there in it.

5. Have Dinner In A Living Room Fort

Look, forts are amazing. Even if it's just made up of pillows and covers, it drove us wild when we were kids... and not much has changed now that we're adulting. So, get to building with your bae.

6. Go Explore A Farmers' Market

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You can't go wrong with going to a farmers' market. Reap the benefits of fall fruits and veggies from local vendors. If you're a foodie, every new season is all about the delicious food we can finally munch on, isn't it?

7. Volunteer Somewhere Together

Sharing is caring. If you can't afford to do much with what's in your pockets, give back with your time. The more the merrier when it comes to giving back to the community.

8. Find A Place You Can Pet Puppies

How can you not think of puppies with the words "cozy" and "cute?" That's literally exactly what puppies are all about. So, hit up a dog park or pet store to get your cuteness overload.

Just spend time with each other, regardless of how much you do or don't have. There's no such thing as a perfect date. And even if you don't have handfuls of anything in your pocket, you'll be arms-full of your bae.