20 Struggles Only Extremely Neurotic People Deal With On The Reg

by Ashley Fern

Being neurotic is not a joke... until you finally realize that sometimes it is, and you can laugh at yourself about it.

When it comes to your life, simple daily tasks are enough to elicit a panic attack and, sadly enough, this happens far too often for you to count.

It's a tough life when the majority of things stress you out, but hey, at least you're out there surviving.

Problems will continue to be problems until you can learn to poke fun at them, which is why laughing at your sudden outbursts can be so liberating. So what do these struggles look like?

1. Thinking about taking public transportation is enough to give you an anxiety attack

Between the people and the germs, you aren't really sure which is less appealing when it comes to public transportation.

Sure, it may be the quickest way in-between your destinations, but that doesn't mean it's the most desirable.

2. You will stay at work as late as possible to make sure all of your work is done, every single day

The only thing worse than a panic attack over whether or not all your work is done is the possibility of being fired.

3. Once something stressful happens in the morning, your mood (and day) is shot

Until you and your beloved bed are reunited at the end of the day, your bad mood will be ever present in every single thing you do for the rest of the day.

4. You have no patience for nonsense

You deal with enough bullsh*t on a day-to-day basis, which is probably why you just have no patience for stupidity.

All this does is send you spiraling into a whirlwind of emotions. And as every neurotic person knows, this isn't good news for anyone.

5. Overreacting to situations is in your second nature

People never question this; they have just learned to accept it as part of your personality and overall lovely demeanor.

6. Your favorite form of transportation is the Irish Exit

You can't deal with the backlash you are sure to receive from your friends when you want to dip out of the bar, which is why you always opt for the Irish exit (aka when you leave without telling a soul).

7. You think texting "OK" is the equivalent of a mortal sin

WHAT IS THAT EVEN SUPPOSED TO F*CKING MEAN?! It doesn't mean "yes" and it doesn't mean "no," so someone please elaborate on WHY this is ever the response of choice.

8. You over-care for your body and health

You may skip the gym occasionally, but you have quite the addiction to staying in shape. Your health is your responsibility -- and yours only -- which is why it's so important to you.

9. You have a double-digit pro-con list about whether you should go out on this weekend

And guess what? There are actually 99 things that are better than going out. And no your bed is not one through 99, even though it very well could be.

10. You confuse your cold with Ebola

Nothing is ever just a "common" cold to you, instead it is a life-threatening illness.

11. You have drafted 11 versions of a text you want to send someone

...And then have sent said drafts to seven of your closest friends for their opinions and reassurances.

12. You triple text people when they don't answer you within 10 minutes

WHO DOESN'T HAVE THEIR PHONE ACCESSIBLE 24/7? Oh, most people... got it.

13. It took you 15 times to get high for the first time

The paranoia never, ever went away... until it did and this became your only savior.

14. Taking out your aggression in the most inappropriate outlets is your biggest form of relief

Some people may call you crazy, but until they've seen life through your eyes, they have absolutely no room to speak.

15. You don't get standing seats at a concert. Ever.

If you do go to a concert, you need to be as far away from the crowded mosh pit as humanly possible.

16. Actually you try to steer clear of them altogether

On second thought, maybe watching a live event from the comfort of your home sounds like a better idea.

17. Your biggest dream in life is to live alone

Too bad you don't make the salary to support these dreams.

18. You still print out hard copies of directions

You can't risk losing service while en route to an unfamiliar destination — it's nerve-racking enough not knowing where you are even going.

19. This is your reaction every time a person tries to calm you down...


20. You use the WebMD app more than Facebook

Sure, you may cause self-induced panic attacks, but that doesn't deter you from looking up every single possible symptom you may be exhibiting.