44 Annoying Things About This World That Absolutely Kill People With No Patience

Having patience in a society that thrives on instant gratification is a huge f*cking dilemma -- and one I sadly face every day. Fortunately for me, I'm not the only one suffering from this problem.

Basically, everything that happens on a daily basis pisses me off -- especially if it takes one second longer than I think it should.

There are two types of people in this world: incompetent people and impatient people -- and trust me, those two groups do not play well together.

So, what are the things that people with absolutely no patience cannot handle? Well, I think this pretty much covers it...

1. Slow walkers.

2. People who text while they walk.

3. People who read books while they walk -- HOW ARE YOU RETAINING ANYTHING?

4. The "..." text.

5. Waiting for someone to text you back.

6. People who can't get their MetroCards out before approaching the turn-style.

7. People who stop at the top of the subway stairs to retrieve their MetroCards.

8. People who don't adhere to the proper walking sides of the road.

9. People who give exact change with pennies.

10. Watching commercials.

11. Going to grocery stores during peak shopping hours.

12. The 14 seconds in-between Netflix episodes. (This pisses you off more than the average person.)

13. You don't know what is longer: a treadmill minute or a microwave minute -- so you just end up eating your food lukewarm most of the time.

14. Buffering of any kind will be the death of you, you just know it.

15. You hang up after two rings because you can't deal with the ringing in your ear.

16. You haven't checked your voicemail since 2001.

17. Intros to television shows make you want to gouge out your eyeballs.

18. You are not even going to attempt to get the iPhone 6 until a solid six months have passed and, even then, you'll probably still hesitate before buying.

19. You get really angry when a relative calls you because you know the call will last well over seven minutes.

20. You have stopped going to clubs because you can't handle the lines.

21. Taxi drivers who don't know the best routes piss you off more than anything.

22. When people don't get your first explanation, you just give up instead of trying to re-explain.

23. You hate when people tell you about their dreams -- THEY ARE NOT REAL.

24. You have stopped making new friends because you hate small talk.

25. You scream at campaigners on the street.

26. People who don't know the proper etiquette of riding an elevator make you want to scream, especially when you're in a rush.

27. Spotify commercials.  -_-

28. You would never even think of shopping on Black Friday.

29. Navigating people with umbrellas in a rainstorm is the worst labyrinth you've ever been in.

30. Waiting for a guy/girl to text you after giving him/her your number gives you an actual panic attack.

31. You want to punch people who stop at the floor before you on an elevator.

32. Same goes for those rushing into the elevator as your incessantly push the "door-close" button.

33. People taking the elevator to the second floor.

34. When you're grocery shopping and you go to the express lane and the person in front of you CLEARLY does not have fewer than 15 items.

35. When you're shopping and the person in front of you is arguing with the salesperson about returning an item while you're waiting to pay.

36. Indecisive people at Starbucks.

37. People at Starbucks who order the most complicated drink you've ever heard when all you want is a plain iced coffee.

38. Getting stuck in the Chipotle line when they run out of chicken RIGHT before you order.

39. When the driver in front of you continuously brakes for absolutely no reason.

40. When your food delivery says 15-30 minutes and it shows up an hour later... WHY ARE YOU LYING TO ME?

41. When drivers beep at you when you are going a good 20 miles over the speed limit.

42. You get personally offended when anyone cuts you off since you are obviously speeding as fast as humanly possible.

43. Two words: backseat drivers.

44. Showing up to a doctor appointment early or on time only to be kept waiting for over 30 minutes.

Top Photo Courtesy: MTV/The Hills