9 Costumes To Wear If It's Freezing Outside And You're Not Here For The Cold


Halloween is quickly approaching, which means you should start planning your costume early on in the game so it'll make an everlasting impression. The problem we face every year is that the weather is unpredictable AF. Some years, October might be a little chilly but bearable, while other years, it can be downright freezing. You don't want to cover up your awesome costume with a big coat all night long, so you need to plan some Halloween costume ideas for cold weather. A chilly fall weather costume has layers so you can be warm and cozy, while still looking amazing.

It's hard when you have to come up with a costume you want to wear, and you also have to make sure it will keep you warm. It's adding an extra layer to an already difficult task... especially for someone like me who takes forever at making up their mind. To make the decision a bit easier, here are nine costume ideas for when it's freezing outside. Some costumes just have a bunch of layers, and others, the jacket is part of the character. Either way, you'll be fine when the temperature outside starts to drop. Don't fret on October 31 that no one will see your costume, because everyone will. Plus, you'll be oh-so-comfy.

1. Nintendo Game Boy

If you're looking for a costume that will hit all the nostalgic feels, everyone will be reminded of their childhood when they see you as a Nintendo game boy. This costume is super simple. The hoodie speaks for itself, but you can even add more to it by wearing gray pants and a gray beanie.

2. Lloyd Dobler

Oh man, what a dreamboat Lloyd Dobler was from Say Anything. This Halloween night, you can recreate all the vibes from the movie by walking around with a boombox playing Peter Gabriel's “In Your Eyes." You'll also be super warm in Lloyd's signature trench coat.

3. Marty McFly

Marty McFly from Back to the Future wore a ton of layers, so you know this costume will keep you comfy all night long. All you need to complete this look is the puffy red vest and everyone will know who you are. Now, if only you could find a DeLorean and a hoverboard.

4. Daria

How I wish I could be as cool as Daria. On Halloween, you can be with this costume. Her go-to green jacket will keep you so warm, and you can always take it off when breaking out those epic moves on the dance floor.

5. Carl Fredricksen From Up

I don't know a single person who doesn't love the movie Up, or at least hasn't bawled their eyes out during the first five minutes of the movie. You'll warm people's hearts just as this costume will keep you cozy AF all night. Just remember, “Adventure is out there!”

6. A Care Bear

With this onesie, you can be super warm but also super adorable this Halloween. You and your friends can all get different Care Bears and roll out as a squad. For your squad pics, you can do the Care Bear Stare.

7. Michael Jackson

Be the King of Pop this Halloween with this Michael Jackson costume. It's iconic, and you know everyone will be looking at you on the dance floor at your party. This costume also comes with at least one sequin glove, so you know your hand will be warm.

8. Indiana Jones

Diy female version Indiana Jones costume — Makeuphobbyist (@makeuphobbyist) October 13, 2016

This is a fun, chic, and creative spin on an Indiana Jones look. Let's be real, who doesn't want to pretend to be the coolest archeologist that ever lived? It's also a perfect costume for the cold days because you can make it your own with a leather or suede jacket, and Indy is nothing without the iconic hat.

9. Hermione Granger

You can't go wrong with any Harry Potter character this Halloween. The Hogwarts uniform has many layers to keep you comfy. This Halloween, you can keep saying “Accio, candy” to get all the chocolate your heart desires.