26 Incredible Bucket List Activities You Need To Check Off In 2017

by Shannon Ullman

Do you have a bucket list? If not, you probably should.

I've found having a running list of things I want to do, experience and try in life and keeping it all written down helps me keep track.

In fact, every new year, I evaluate, reorganize and add new items to my bucket list to keep it fresh and keep me motivated.

It seems my bucket list is always growing with new and interesting activities. If you want to create your own bucket list this year, here are 26 incredible things you can add.

1. Go on a hot air balloon ride.


If you're scared of heights, the time is now to get over it! A hot air balloon ride is romantic, fun and an unusual way to get a new perspective on a beautiful place.

Speaking of beautiful places, try to choose somewhere special to take your ride.

2. Get a tarot card reading.

Don't believe in tarot card readings? It doesn't matter. Take it for what it's worth and let yourself be open to the universe.

You never know, you could learn something new or gain a new perspective on your life.

3. Go dog sledding.

Instead of hating the snow and winter weather, try to embrace it by jumping into some winter activities. Dog sledding will allow you to take a journey through a winter wonderland in an old fashioned way.

4. Take a trip alone.

Instead of just traveling this year, try taking a trip completely by yourself. It will open you up to the world and yourself.

5. Go snow shoeing.

You know those big tennis racket-looking things you put on your feet? Snow shoes will let you take a hike right on top of the snow!

6. Get an astrology reading.

It's another alternative way to gain perspective on your life and learn something new about your future.

You may not fully agree with everything your reader has to say, but it can be an entertaining experience to do in person or online.

7. Visit a national park.

The world is full of them, especially the US. Take a visit to one, stay overnight and soak in all of the natural beauty.

8. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony.

It doesn't mean you have to go to Japan (that's a whole other bucket list experience to have), but to experience this cultural ceremony is incredible.

Plus, Japanese tea is delicious and good for the body.

9. Make your own bread.

Who doesn't love bread? Instead of buying the kind from the store, take some time to make your own. You will learn something and probably have a fun time doing so.

10. Be a movie extra.

While being a famous actor may not be a dream of yours, appearing in a film is definitely brag-worthy.

Sign up to be an extra and see if you get a call back. You could actually make a little bit of extra money doing it, too.

11. Stay in a B&B.

OK, OK, hotels are great and all, but have you ever experienced a bed and breakfast.

They are quaint, cozy and typically have much more character. Choose an intriguing destination and book one for your stay.

12. Start a website.

Everyone seems to have a website these days. It is a pretty nice feeling to create your own little space in the wide world of the internet.

Start a blog about one of your favorite topics and use it to journal, post your photos and connect with others.

13. Drive Route 66.


It's America's most iconic road trip and one that is certainly worth taking. Get in your car, grab your best friend and set out to see some of the country's more quirky corners.

14. Take a surf lesson.

Sun on your back, salt in your hair and a whole new culture to experience.

You may not be very good at it at first, but taking a lesson can help you get the hang of things.

15. Get a piercing.

Have you always wanted to get a piercing? You should go for it if you have.

Add some jewelry to your ears or be a little devious and get the belly button ring that you've always wanted.

16. Talk to a stranger in a bar.

Don't be intimated, this bucket list experience is one of growth and possibly inspiration.

Head to a bar that you've never been to before, pull up a seat and initiate a conversation with a complete stranger. It will give you confidence, and you may even make a new friend.

17. Try a new cuisine.

Step out of your comfort zone this year and experiment with new cuisines.

Sure, you may have had Chinese and Indian dinners before but have you ever eaten in an Ethiopian or Malaysian restaurant. Give it a try. You might like it.

18. Join a book club.

It will give you an excuse to read more books and to socialize in a more unique way. Try your local library or Meetup groups in your area.

19. Try aromatherapy.

Scents can make a big difference to well-being.

Many spas or massage parlors offer aromatherapy treatments and would be a great place to experiment with it.

Ask them to use lavender oils if you are trying to relax or try mint if you want to feel invigorated.

20. Go to a festival.

There are festivals going on all over the world at almost any given time. Choose something that you love -- art, music, food, wine -- and find a festival that focuses on that.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people and exposed to new ideas within the niche that you choose.

21. Try a new craft.

Make things with our hands in extremely underrated. If you are already into crafting or even if you have never tried it, head to the craft store and work on something new.

Learn how to make soap, jewelry, clothing or candles. It will be fun, keep you busy and may even lead to a new side business.

22. Stomp grapes in Napa.

Napa is one of the world's most famous wine-growing regions and makes for a great trip to learn all about it. Visit wineries, do tastings and, best of all, stomp grapes with your bare feet!

23. Tour a factory.

Touring a factory is a great way to spend an afternoon while learning something new. Do a brewery tour, a candy factory or a place that makes your favorite chips!

24. Go whale watching.

They are some of the most magnificent creatures in the sea and getting a chance to witness one is truly incredible.

Try taking a whale watching tour if you want the chance to experience one up close.

25. Be a tourist in your own town.

Wherever you live, there is bound to be something interesting there.

Don't fall into the thought process of thinking your home town is boring. Instead, aim to be a tourist in your own home by checking out new museums or restaurants.

26. Go whitewater rafting

It can be kind of extreme, but it's an exhilarating experience that can be quite the challenge.

There are places all over the country that offer tours so that you can feel safe while having an outdoor adventure.

What will YOU do this year!?