Bud And Breakfast Is A New Company That Is Just Like Airbnb For Weed

Vacations tend to pose a significant concern for stoners.

A weed-loving traveler typically finds him or herself searching for an inconspicuous spot to blaze as quickly as possible.

And it's still against the law in Colorado and Washington, where recreational weed can be purchased, to smoke in public or even near a hotel window in view of the streets below.

These inconveniences are no more, thanks to Bud and Breakfast, a service that provides tourists with places to sleep and enjoy the local herb.

Sean Roby, the website's founder and CEO, told Fast Company,

We're essentially the Airbnb of cannabis. People list their homes on our sites from places where cannabis is legalized, both in the US and also overseas in places like Jamaica and Uruguay.

A great deal of the people who list their properties also offer their own bud and paraphernalia to tourists as well.

Roby said,

The most popular locations on our site are the ones where everything is included, so visitors just need to show up, lie in a hammock and smoke a joint.

The site, which Roby funds entirely on his own, hasn't even been live for a month, but there are currently almost 100 properties available.

Prices range from $250 a night at a log cabin to $42 for public lodges.

Many of the properties are private, so guests could have the luxury of smoking in a gorgeous backyard or jacuzzi.

Roby is also the founder of A Taste of Travel, which creates events for like-minded tourists like wine tastings and a variety of garden- and farm-related activities.

He intends for Bud and Breakfast to have the same experiences but with marijuana.

Such events could include tours of dispensaries or simply mass gatherings where visitors can sample different strands from the area.

Fast Company notes that Airbnb could eventually pose a threat by featuring listings exclusively for marijuana users.

Roby isn't concerned, however because Bud and Breakfast will additionally serve as a tourist's guide to a destination's best weed and places to smoke.

He added,

Every single one of our vendors knows where every dispensary is near their home. They know the location of every cannabis-friendly restaurant or smoking club. They are a network of wisdom.

Users are essentially paying for chill folks to smoke with and the most exciting way to learn about a new city.

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