Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Acne Can Actually Work, Here's How

Yes, apple cider vinegar is considered a kind of magical elixir. And in my opinion, for good reason - from helping clear your gut to making salad dressing, it's a pretty versatile substance. But my personal favorite use for it? Apple cider vinegar seriously helps heal my breakouts. Using apple cider vinegar for acne has many benefits. Seriously for reals, guys, my skin responds to this wonder juice, something I first found in my mom's pantry in high school that she guided me toward using on my oily teen skin.

And those of you who suffer alongside me with the repeating terror that is acne know that such a result is no small potatoes. To this day, if I'm regular with my ACV use, I wake in the morning with seriously reduced inflammation on my oily, bacteria laden little enemies. I use it two ways, too. Both as “the classic drink” with cold water or seltzer and a drop of honey, or as a toner after I wash my face. I just pour a little of my mixture on a cotton pad and give a good wipe on the cheeks and T-zone.

(And yes, you get used to the smell. At this point it reminds me of an autumn orchard...)

Apparently there are a few reasons ACV might power punch your pimples into submission both inside and out.

First, taking apple cider vinegar may lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. Lowering these levels are all v good signs of healthy glucose tolerance and balanced insulin levels which can help heal your acne.

Spikes in insulin stimulate your skin to produce oil and zits.

And yeah, it's not totally clear how ACV does that scientifically speaking, but it's quite possibly the acetic acid in the vinegar. This might help slow the release of sugar into your bloodstream when you're digesting carbs, helping to control those insulin spikes.

On top of that, ACV contains pectin, a fiber found in fruit which actually helps aid the gut cleaning probiotics in your fave kimchi or kefir.

This whole process helps to reduce inflammation in the guts and improves your absorption of nutrients through those intestines of yours.

And in turn, this helps your cells to really soak in those much needed minerals and vitamins for your skin, and generally reduces inflammation.

Oh yeah, and what makes ACV supes special as a facial toner is also the acidic factor. Because little known fact? We have acid in our skin that we need to help fight infections, irritation and environmental stressors. Often it gets stripped off or disrupted after we do a good scrub or cleanse.

This is why the pH balance in your skin is important; it's an indication of how well your skin is naturally protecting itself!

Good ole ACV helps to restore that balance without being too harsh a substance. (Just add two parts apple cider vinegar with filtered water and you are good to go.)

Convinced yet?

Considering it's under $10 might as well give it a shot.