8 Lessons Alpha Women Need To Learn To Achieve Work-Life Balance

If you're an alpha woman thriving in the workplace, you may not be flourishing as much in other departments in your life.

Sure, you want to excel, kick ass and climb as many ladders as you can in your career. You're a boss career woman, and you're on an impressive roll, dammit!

But taking on the all work, no play mentality to get ahead can set you up for more disappointment than promotions.

It's called balance, alpha ladies, and you're the first to know it's certainly not as easy as it looks.


Maintaining an overall work-life balance is not only the best thing you can do for yourself, but it's also good for the people in your life who love and support you endlessly.

If you're not flourishing in both departments, there are some things you should consider working on.

Here are eight things alpha women need to know about the balance:

1. Not everything has to be perfect all the time.

A cookie cutter schedule is nice and all, but it gets real old, real fast.

Life's way more exciting when you color outside the lines and throw the whole damn pile of dough on the tray.

2. Live a little and make mistakes.

We all make mistakes sometimes, and that's OK.

They're learning experiences, after all. Be spontaneous and take chances.

3. Work will never be a snuggle buddy to keep you warm at night.

Viktor Solomin

A guy may think you're not interested if you never have time for him because you immerse yourself in your career 24/7.

4. Making time for your friends and family is imperative.

If you don't, your loved ones may drift away from you.

5. Having proper balance keeps you SANE.

If you don't spend time working on your social life, having fun and embracing hobbies outside of work, you'll end up resenting your career in the long run.

6. If you don't stop and smell the roses, life will pass you by.


The life train is cruising on by, and it never pauses for anybody.

7. Taking a break from work when you need it is necessary.

When you're feeling super stressed or have been sitting at your desk the entire day, head out to grab a coffee or lunch with your co-workers.

Listen to yourself when you're feeling overworked, and know when it's time to hit the pause button for a breather.

8. Organizing your day is key.

Setting goals for your work day is important, especially when you want to make plans after work.

If you make a game plan for yourself every day, you'll feel so much more organized... AND you won't be worried when you leave the office.

Life's too short to let it pass you by. Embrace each day by doing the things you love.