It's Tough Being A Boss: 23 Struggles Only Career-Oriented Women Will Understand

by Elite Daily Staff

Succeeding in this world isn’t easy -- especially for women. You have to be emotionally strong, driven and passionate. And if you want to be the lady boss, you need to act like it. From missing out on happy hours to blowing your paycheck on really ugly loafers, putting your career first is not without sacrifices.

We ladies have got to stick together and rely on each other for support, if we’re going to get to the top. So let’s have a little fun venting sesh, shall we? It’s good for the hard-working soul.

Here are the 23 struggles that only career-oriented women will understand.

1. Waking up early to work out

The very act of getting yourself up, dressed and ready to give birth on a stationary bike first thing in the morning is a workout by itself. If only mental exercise counted the same as physical, we’d all be super fit.

2. When the topic of marriage comes up

“Can we get your comment?” We barely have enough time to think about what we want for lunch, let alone when we’re getting married.

3. Passion getting in the way of everything

You just have a lot of feels.

4. Having 50 pairs of shoes under your desk

Your desk is the grown-up equivalent of your freshman year dorm room: You work, eat, socialize and (occasionally!) fall asleep sleep there.

5. The pressure you put on yourself

It’s even greater than the magnum-sized bottle of wine you chugged to the face after work last night.

6. Trying to make professional clothes double as going-out clothes

This pant suit is super sexy, right? Maybe with the few buttons undone? Sigh, we look like giant crotch-eating eggplants.

7. Trying to make it all happen at once

Your biggest fear is saying no or turning down a project. You will literally stuff your face with swimming pool-sized coffee and a third grader’s entire Adderall prescription just to get everything done.

8. Having a bad hair day and no time to fix it

You woke up with bed-head that resembles Cruella de Vil on painkillers -- and you've got a morning meeting in 20 minutes. Like Tim Gunn says, make it work.

9. Spending more money on coffee than on a Friday night out

Even though you’re going out less, you’ve still managed to build up your tolerance... for caffeine.

10. Resisting free office food

Every time you pass by the skinny receptionist with her jumbo-sized jars of candy and crap and sugary happiness, you silently envision shoving her into a giant chocolate fountain. Whatever takes your mind off eating it.

11. Breaking the glass ceiling

If you Lean In any more, you’re going to be horizontal.

12. Receiving an email at 5 pm on a Friday

It’s like the universe doesn’t want you to relax.

13. Distracting yourself with Elite Daily articles

I need to read at least three reasons why you should watch Blue Ivy dance with Chris Pratt while proposing to his girlfriend mid-ice bucket challenge during an NFL suspension in this moving tribute to Robin Williams before I can return to work.

Muwahaha, our plan is working.

14. Mornings when it’s still dark out

Winter is coming. The struggle is real.

15. Second-guessing if this is the right path for you

Career decisions are difficult because they feel so permanent. The computer always looks brighter in someone else’s cubicle. As a determined, driven individual, trust yourself that you’re making the best choices at that time.

16. Anxiety when asking for a raise

Liquid courage won’t help you. (Sorry.)

17. Networking

You don’t like making new friends outside of the office, so why would enjoy it in the work setting? And when you finally do have time to socialize, the last place you want to be is a convention.

18. Getting excited over an Ann Taylor warehouse sale

You’ve really let yourself go.

19. No time to use your vacation time

Vacation time? You mean, like, a week of catching up on sleep?

20. Making more than your partner

Wait, why is this a hassle? Making bank is the anti-struggle.

21. Showing up hungover to work

Ha, is this a post for interns? You haven’t gone out drinking on a school night since the Kardashians came to television.

22. Lunch break

Assuming that you actually have one, that is.

23. Balancing relationships and work

The way you tiptoe the lines, you should have been a tight-rope walker.

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