7 Mistakes We Make In Our 20s That Are Actually Good For Us In Our 30s

Some people are addicted to taking the high road.

They're the extremely optimistic ones who embrace the mindset that mistakes make us stronger.

But in reality? It feels as though mistakes push us down to the ground… with a powerful AF force, at that. They have the ability to dig an even deeper ditch, and bury us in a seemingly inescapable hole.

It's true some mistakes we make – simply put – totally suck. They can be life-altering.

But the other ones, we DO live and learn from.

Some of the mistakes we make when we're younger actually end up benefiting us in the long run. Our mistakes make us grow up, and they transform us into the people we become.

Here are the seven mistakes we make in our 20s that are good for us in our 30s:

1. Dating A String Of Players

YEP, most of us have been there, done that.

And we are SO over it.

But when all is said and done, you kind of have to thank the players for playing. They make you appreciate the loyal, honest, GOOD guy when he finally comes into your life.

2. Having A Shitty Job

I'm not going to sugarcoat this one bit: Starting off at a job where you're basically someone else's bitch may seem like a mistake in your 20s.

BUT it will make you work harder and challenge yourself. You'll thrive in another job someday because you won't ever take it for granted.

3. Dropping Your Life Savings On Experiences

Viktor Solomin

You may end up a broke AF 20-something-year-old at the time – the struggle is REAL – but the experiences and spectacular travel will make you more worldly in your 30s.

You're experiencing different cultures and seeing parts of the world you only thought you'd see in your dreams.

You'll know the places you want to go back to, and you'll find others to explore in your 30s.

4. Sleeping In Until The Afternoon On Weekends

You may miss out on brunch plans and getting a jumpstart on your spring cleaning in your 20s, but you really begin to see in your 30s how beauty rest is a REAL thing.

5. Going For The Nice Car And Pushing Yourself Further Into Debt

... But it makes for a damn fine cruise down the road into your 30s.

6. Burying Yourself In Work To Build Up Your Career

This may leave a lot less time to spend with family and friends in our 20s, but all the hard work climbing up the ladder to become a boss career person will surely pay off in your 30s.

Just make sure you don't leave absolutely ZERO time for your loved ones. That will be something you'll really regret down the road.

7. Taking The Path You THINK You Should Take, Instead Of Identifying The RIGHT One For You

Marija Savic

This may include following in someone else's footsteps in your 20s, but it gets real old, real fast. You'll never make that same mistake again, and you'll realize life's too short to not focus on what YOU want to do.

Some mistakes don't have a silver lining.

For example, rushing to get married and settling instead of waiting to find “the one” is a sad choice to make.

Life's certainly not perfect, and we'll most likely always make mistakes every now and then. But we pick ourselves up and put ourselves back out there in the field.

Don't dwell on the mistakes you can't fix. Instead, work on the ones you CAN.