5 Signs Your Date Is All Talk, As Told By 'Bachelorette' Contestant Jack Stone

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Ever been on a horrible, almost painful date? Not one where the guy is a douche or unreasonably cheap or self-centered, but one where the guy just keeps talking and talking and talking, yet not saying a single thing?

That was Bachelorette Rachel last night as she grinned through her date with Jack Stone. Yes, Jack Stone is the guy that Twitter could not even remember from previous episodes on the show.

He was also Rachel's worst date of the entire show. Yes, that includes that awkward let-me-kiss-you-so-you-can-feel-absolutely-nothing moment with Fred from two episodes ago.

I mean, this guy had nothing to say, but literally said all of the things. What made the date even worse was that he thought the nothingness between them was a connection.

Rachel, I've been there, done that, and I feel for you, lady.

To avoid this black hole of a date in the future, let's recount a few of the empty statements that Jack Stone made so we can all identify the early signs of a date who is all talk and zero chemistry.

1. He Has No Answer To Any Follow-Up Questions About What He Just Said

Was anyone else gagging when Jack Stone told Rachel that he wanted to get her out of South Carolina and back to Dallas?

Rachel responded with,

What would you do? If you could take me away to Dallas, what would we do? Where would you take me?

Stone explained that he would bring her back to Dallas so that they could "lay in the bed and chill."

Yeah, because laying in the bed and chilling in one state is sooo different from doing it in another state. Somebody book a red eye so that these guys can hop to that immediately.

His response was empty and dry because his initial statement was empty and dry.

Rachel's reaction was the easiest, quickest way to test whether or not someone is truly present to what they are saying. Don't just say, "Awww!" Ask those follow-up questions!

2. He Uses Clichés To Establish A Connection, Instead Of Actually Doing The Work To Create One.

The entire date, Stone kept reiterating how close he felt to Rachel, and he even commented on how her beauty kept him from concentrating while they were learning a new dance.

Meanwhile, Rachel didn't seem moved by his affectionate words at all.

She shared,

When you spend more time with someone, you learn more about them. I don't necessarily feel closer to him in a romantic kind of way.

If Stone had actually spent the time connecting with Rachel instead of telling her about how he feels connected to her, then he might have been able to stay in the house.

3. He Tells You Nothing About Himself

Another reason why Rachel probably didn't feel at all close to Stone is because he didn't share anything about himself. He only talked about her and how she made him feel. He didn't even give Rachel a chance to learn about him and like him beyond him just being the surface-level nice guy.

It's important to beware of people who talk about themselves too much and of people who talk about themselves too little. Conversations — with potential mates or even friends — should be an easy-flowing, even exchange.

4. He Fills In Every Awkward Silence With More Awkwardness

Jack Stone kicked off his date with Rachel talking about how the houses they rode by on a horse and carriage were "clearly haunted houses."

He reasoned that because the houses are old and in South Carolina, they must be haunted. When he asked Rachel if she felt that way, she said,

No. I don't think that.

His attempt to start a conversation fell completely flat because he's said things with zero reasoning. Womp!

5. He Says Things To Seem Cool, But Quickly Reveals That's Not Him At All

Jack shared with Rachel that he likes to crack jokes on people and how he likes it when they can take it. No one asked him for this bit of information.

He just offered this because that's what people do who have nothing to say and want to make themselves look good. Stone proved this when Rachel asked him if he can take a joke. His response was,

I don't know. We'll soon find out I guess.

Yeah, he should have totally not even inserted this into the conversation, especially since he can't even fulfill his own expectations.