6 Signs The Guy You're On A First Date With Could Be Boyfriend Material

michela ravasio

It's time to get real and admit first dates typically suck. They're full of awkward eye glances and "Dear God, please don't kiss me" thoughts at the end of the night. They're usually with guys you can't stand to listen to after a few minutes, the ones who don't get the hint when you check your phone 20 times during the entree.

But if you're one of the lucky ones, sometimes you go on a date that is so magical even Nicholas Sparks couldn't write a story about it.

Here are some tell-tale signs your date with Mr. Maybe is turning into an evening with Mr. Right:

1. He's honest with you.

Maybe this is just me, but I love it when a guy is upfront with me about his past, especially if he believes it could be a deal-breaker. For me, I told my current boyfriend I had previously been married before we were halfway through our first date.

Why? Because if that was something that would ultimately bother him, then I didn't want to waste his time or mine. He accepted it, thankfully, and it allowed me to be upfront with who I was and what I'd experienced right from the start.

2. You laugh easily.

First dates come with a lot of awkward pity laughter. We've all been there and let out the nervous laugh. But if you're sitting at a restaurant and laughing your asses off because of each other's funny stories, then it's a good sign you're finding each other's personalities compatible.

3. He gives you eye contact.

He's not staring around the room and showing he's disinterested. He's not avoiding eye contact with you because he's nervous or insecure about himself. He's showing he's confident in who he is and that he respects what you're saying, even if you're telling him why Charmander was the best starter Pokemon. (Side note: This is a great question. You never want to be with the guy who didn't pick Charmander as a kid. #DealBreaker.)

4. Your date lasts for hours.

In that quintessential romantic comedy, you always see the two soulmates closing the bar together at 2 am without even realizing all the time that has passed. While your date may not be exactly like that, having it go on for hours past when you thought it'd end is a great sign. It means you've spent the night being open with one another and enjoying each other's company.

5. He tells you what he doesn't like in relationships.

I don't agree with people who say it's wrong to talk about past relationships on a first date. Now, I'm not saying you should be openly talking about your hatred for your ex, but saying what you were dissatisfied with in your previous relationship is just being honest.

There's nothing wrong with finding out why the person you're sitting across from is single. There's also nothing wrong with discovering your date may have disliked someone because the person didn't get along with his friends. Then again, maybe it's just me.

6. You genuinely want to see him again.

You know you're potentially stumbling across your next relationship when you want to text the person as soon as you get home. I had gone on plenty of bad dates that made me realize how good the one I had with my now-boyfriend was. We closed out the cafe, and we learned everything there was to know about each other in three hours.

We haven't spent a single moment apart in two years. Sometimes, when it comes to dating, the best nights are when you leave the date feeling tingles in your heart, and you're counting down the days until your next trip out to Starbucks. If you feel that, then you're probably onto something.