Lifestyle — Here's How To Stay Healthy At Summer Barbecues
by Rebecca Jones

Most of us are sick of articles telling us to have less fun by substituting feel-good foods with their less filling, greener alternatives, especially once the summer months hit.

We're told to replace a burger and fries with a salad, but when we have to choose what to bring on the lifeboat and what to leave on the ship, we will always choose the burger and fries (unless you are a vegetarian, which I just can't relate to).

Summer is also a time to celebrate. The best way to do that, since the beginning of time, is by eating. Holidays like Father's Day, the Fourth of July and the tri-weekly backyard barbecues your friend's friends of friends throw mean you'll be surrounded by some unhealthy food options.

While we're all trying to have a good time and enjoy the three months out of the year where we don't hate each other, that little voice in the back of our heads is guilting us to get back that summer bod we never had. We'll spend all summer wishing we could pull off the almost-thong bikini bottoms the Jenner and Hadid sisters wear, never fully enjoying summer because our butts are spotted with cellulite from sitting at our 9 to 5 jobs for the last nine months.

Instead of putting yourself on a diet that sucks the fun out of your summer, try going for the less-bad-for-you option. A lot of food we consider unhealthy actually has some health benefits. For example, when faced with the common decision between a burger and a hot dog at a barbecue, go for the burger. A burger has more fiber and fewer calories, and it is only made from one type of animal…

For your education, we made a semi-instructional video that shows you how to eat your way through a barbecue in a healthier way while still being able to devour all the summer foods you crave. So leave those summer bod thoughts inside and let your stomach enjoy itself!

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