Lifestyle — Why You'll Never Have The Perfect Body

Whether you're curvy, slender, muscular or tubular -- I'm sorry to tell you, but you'll never have the perfect body because it doesn't exist.

There's a reason the idea of the ideal body has changed throughout the years. Like things in fashion, body types trend. It's all based on a few influencers' perspectives in the media.

As thankful as I am those influencers decided feather hair clips aren't still things, I'm also thankful influencers have been making efforts to embrace everyone's imperfect body.

Sadly, according to society, my one-pack still isn't considered "perfect." But, as long as I feel good after a good bike ride or an overflowing bowl of bacon mac and cheese, society can kiss my sweet, chubby ass.

"Generation WhY" is back to remind you your body is a wonderland. And while there is no such thing as perfect, John Mayer is pretty close.

Special thanks to Ainsworth!

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