Spider Army Uses A Letterbox As Their Home In This Nightmare Video


Do you have airline tickets for an upcoming trip to Australia? You do? Great! Now, toss those bad boys into an open flame and never utter the word "Australia" again.

Why is that, you ask? Because Australia is the land of demonic spiders, like this hunstman spider from Queensland that is literally the size of a baby and deserves to be exorcised by a cross and holy water...

Or this horror show of a hunstman spider trying to wolf down a mouse like it's on an episode of another horror show "Man v. Food."

Well, one Australian woman decided to turn her letterbox into a home for another hunstman spider (named Hortense) that was already treating her mail container like Shelob's lair from "Return of the King."


And it wasn't just this beast of a spider, either. Oh no, no, no.

It was basically a nursery full of crawling hunstman spiders just waiting to grow up into our adult nightmares.


If you're currently screaming "MY EYES! MY PRECIOUS EYES!" at your laptop right now, then take a look at this calming interior decoration going on inside this letterbox.


Aw, this looks really sweet. Can you imagine having guests over at this place? Like a little spider Thanksgiving?

Uh oh. What? What's going on here?

RIP whatever that ant thing was. You will be missed (but probably not -- I'm not sure how many friends he has).

While you imagine this poor insect being slowly devoured by hundreds of little baby hunstman spiders as if it was a miniature turkey, remember that life isn't about how many flies get caught in your web, but who you decide to eat them with.

And without further ado, I'd like to wish all my human and spider friends out there a happy Thanksgiving.

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