Giant Huntsman Spider Tries Eating Mouse In Viral Video

So much nope.

Add this horrifying spider to the list of scary things that keep you up at night. Your new list should read as follows: terrorists, natural disasters, spider video.

Someone filmed a huntsman spider chowing down on a mouse. Yes, a mouse. A tiny mammal. One you think should be able to outrun predators and go home to Mrs. Mouse and the kids and lead a normal #mouselife.

Unfortunately for this mouse, it wasn't the case.

The spider is seen scuttling along a wall with the thing hanging out of its mouth, and I'm officially out.

If you can watch this video without violently shuddering, I'll buy you a beer.*

*I'm not buying you a beer. I don't even know you.

The video was posted on Aussie Off Roaders Facebook page with the caption,

Huntsman eating a mouse... Probably a good time to burn the house... Because Australia.

A man can be heard saying in the video,

What's he going to do with him?

Another guy replies,

Man, that is so cool.

There's nothing cool about this. It is the rawest ingredient for nightmares and should be killed with fire immediately.

The clip was posted yesterday and has already had nearly 1 million views.

What are huntsman spiders?

Terrible things.

They're found in most parts of Australia and hunt insects — and mice, apparently.

Huntsman spiders are nicknamed giant crab spiders because of their mammoth size.

You'll find these badass eight-leggers hanging out under bark, loose bark and cracks. BEWARE THE CRACKS.

Despite their terrifying appearance — and name that is literally the words "hunts" and "man" — they're not considered a danger to humans. Some crazy Australians even keep the spiders in their home to get rid of insects. How about no.

Interesting fact: The female lays around 200 eggs and will stand guard of her offspring for about three weeks without eating.

Bonus: trapdoor spider attacking

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