'Selfie Dad' Hilariously Imitates Daughter's Couple Pics And It's Pure Gold

Last month we brought you the story of a dad who was spending his leisure time masterfully trolling his daughter's selfie game.

Well, "selfie dad" is back, and he's upped his game significantly in the interim.

The original pictures are hilarious and goofy as hell.

His daughter shared these masterpieces herself, excited to show off how hot her dad is when he dresses exactly like her.

His duckface skills improved with each new photograph.

Apparently, he liked the attention we all gave him — because he upped his game for the sequel, this time parodying a picture his daughter took with her boyfriend.

Behold, selfie dad's latest work of modern art.

Facebook/Cassie Martin

This is simultaneously extremely funny and extremely frightening. I'm just picturing someone stumbling on this dad calmly drawing eyes and a mouth on a voodoo doppelganger of his daughter's boyfriend in a dark room. That's basically how every episode of "Criminal Minds" starts.