Lifestyle — What If A Restaurant Made Food For You ONLY To Instagram, Not Eat?

Over the past few years, the culinary world gave birth to creations -- like rainbow bagels and over-the-top milkshakes -- that seem like they're specifically designed to garner as many likes as possible on Instagram.

I recently had the opportunity to sample one of these trendy dishes myself when I dropped $8 on a Raindrop Cake.

To its credit, the "cake" tasted exactly as it was advertised, but because that taste was "water-flavored Jell-O," the experience left me slightly underwhelmed.

At this point, it seems like some people care more about how their food looks than the actual flavor itself, and while the many "Iron Chef" marathons I've taken part in have taught me the value of presentation, there's a reason it's not the most important category.

This video from "Millennials of New York" features a chef who took this trend to its natural conclusion by opening a restaurant focused on making its food look better than it could ever possibly taste (which may have something to do with the hairspray it uses to make sure everything is picture perfect).

The future of food is here, and we can't eat any of it.

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