People Are Freaking Out Over These Awesome 'Raindrop Cakes'

Thanks to the hybrid-food fad, there's no shortage of unique Frankenfood creations out there.

If you're starting to get sick of those passé cronuts and egg waffle tacos, you'll be glad to know there's another innovative snack taking New York City by storm.

Behold, Raindrop Cake.

Now you're probably wondering, what the hell is Raindrop Cake exactly?

Apparently, it's a popular Japanese dessert, known there as mizu shingen mochi, with a shiny, see-through appearance that basically resembles a giant drop of rain.

This clear confection is made out of mineral water and a vegan gelatin called agar and aside from looking pretty damn cool, it reportedly contains almost no calories.

After mastering this tricky recipe, Darren Wong debuted his Raindrop Cake at New York City's Smorgasburg food market over the weekend, and now people are losing their minds over this mouthwatering snack.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome sweet.

This may look like a giant drop of water...

...but don't let its round shape fool you.

It's actually cake...

...Raindrop Cake, to be exact.

If you're not familiar with this see-through snack, let me fill you in.

It's a Japanese dessert known as mizu shingen mochi made with water and a vegan gelatin called agar.

Darren Wong recently figured out how to recreate this transparent treat...

...and debuted his Raindrop Cake at Smorgasburg in New York City over the weekend.

Now, people are basically losing their sh*t over these intriguing cakes.

Wong serves the cakes with a sugar similar to molasses and a roasted soybean flour called kinako...

And if its delicious water-droplet appearance isn't enough to impress you...

You'll be glad to know this thing barely has any calories in it either.

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