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Kid Writes Hilarious Note From His 'Techer' To Try To Get Out Of School


One kid decided to use his masterful, unparalleled talent for espionage, deceit and subterfuge to run a clever and thoroughly thought-out con on his parents.

His plan was elegance itself in its utter simplicity. He would write a note to his parents from his teacher.

So, he spent months studying the teacher's cadence, mimicking her handwriting by tracing a complete alphabet (for reference) from homework assignments she handed back.

Finally, he was ready, and he handed his parents this masterpiece.

The note said,

Yes, as anyone who has ever gone to school before knows, teachers sign all notes to parents with the traditional proclamation: I AM THE TEACHER!! After all, how else would the parents know the teacher was legit?

Fast forward 20 years, and this kid is going to be sending girls texts from burner phones saying,

This kid inspired me to get into the forged-note game too.

Alec MacDonald

It worked.