Little Girl Hilariously Tries To Con Her Mom Into Revealing A Surprise


There has been a lot of talk recently about who will be the next James Bond.

Idris Elba was rumored to be taking the spot for a while, then, just last week, Tom Hiddleston was supposedly in talks for the job. But both of these rumors are off the mark. The truth is this little girl named Lily (who tried to trick her mom into telling her what she was getting for a surprise) is officially going to be the next 007.

I don't mean she is going to play the character in a movie -- who cares about that? That's make-believe for f*ck's sake -- no, this little girl is going to become an actual spy with a license to kill and punch people off trains. That's how bright a future she clearly has.

Because if she's pulling dope tricks like this as a little kid, think about the caliber of espionage she'll be capable of as an adult. She's going to make Edward Snowden look like a tattletale.

This precocious little kid tried to get her mom to reveal the surprise gift that she'd bought her daughter with this diabolically cute note.

If I were her mom, I would just fall for this on purpose to teach her trickery and deceit are the most important skills if she ever wants to become president. Also, I seriously just can't get over how she thought her dad would call his wife "wife."

Well done, Lily. Well done.

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