Best BF Ever Gets Hotel To Turn Room Into Shrine Of His GF's Celeb Crush

Look, some people like Jeff Goldbloom a lot. And those people are right.

Let me explain.

I wrote an article a while back about a guy who realized that you can make off-the-wall requests for hotels on what you want in your room when you arrive, and, in a lot of cases, they'll do it. Some of the notable examples were three red M&Ms, a pillow fort, and a framed photograph of bacon.


Now, a Portland man named Seth Freedland has decided to follow in that Imgur user's ingenious footsteps.

Seth and his girlfriend Amy booked a room at a five-star hotel called the Huntley to stay in during a friend's wedding, and Seth included some very specific instruction on how the room should be decorated.

They asked him if he had any specification on the decor. He said, yeah, he wants Jeff Goldblum everywhere.

He didn't think they'd actually do it, but, well, they did.

The hotel said that they get weird request all the time, but that it's usually that someone wants green apples not red ones, and stuff on that scale. Framed Goldblum photographs everywhere? That was unique. But, I guess that's why you go to a five-star hotel. Sometimes you need a Goldblum-level of luxury.

Why did he ask them to put Jeff Goldblum everywhere? His girlfriend loves Jeff Goldblum.

Like, a lot.

Seth explained it to the Huffington Post:

Specifically, she's a big fan of "Independence Day"-era heroic Goldblum. I'm more a "Big Chill" Goldblum man myself, but you really can't go wrong.

These are all astute opinions. Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure.

Some people are just meant to be together. And Amy and Jeff Goldblum are two of those people.

Oh, and yeah, they stole the pictures.

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