Guy Trolls Hotel With Ridiculous Room Requests And Hotel Doesn't Disappoint


When you book a hotel room online, you occasionally get the option to enter “service requests.” Usually, this would involve you typing something like, “Please don't tuck the comforter into the mattress because it makes my legs feel trapped.” ( Yes, that's George Costanza from "Seinfeld.")

But one Imgur user decided to use the opportunity to go ahead and make a series of completely unreasonable and absurd requests:

He did so because – like me – he likes to have fun. He did not think for a moment that his requests would be taken seriously in any way.

He was very wrong about that.

He had entirely forgotten that he'd even sent the original request. So, when he realized that his requests had been fulfilled, he pretty much lost his shit.

(For those of you unfamiliar with colloquial English, that's just an expression that means “freaked out.” After all, we all lose our shit each time we poop. I pooped today, so my shit is completely lost somewhere underground now.)

Yes, that is a picture of bacon.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a closer look:

So, from then on, the customer decided to continue his bit. He began asking for more and more weird stuff.

Each time, his requests were fulfilled by the coolest hotel employees in history.

This is – naturally – my favorite:

I'm just dying while thinking about a hotel employee calmly Googling “How to fold a towel in the shape of an elephant,” and then going out to buy eye stickers. That person must either be extremely nice or hate their job, thereby willing to do anything to liven it.

I wish I could come home to this each and every day of my life: