The Passive Aggressive Texts Ivanka Trump And Chelsea Clinton Probably Send Each Other

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It may come as a surprise to many, but Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have actually been friends for years.

They met through their parents, who were also close for years. The Clintons even attended Donald and Melania's wedding back in 2005, when Donald Trump was just a billionaire who fired people for fun on television.

And despite the fact that their parents are currently trying to cannibalize each other in the media right now, Chelsea says she and Ivanka have "absolutely" stayed friends.

As Ivanka put it in her interview with PEOPLE magazine,

We are [friendly].

But she then went on to admit, of course,

There's certainly tremendous intensity around both of our lives right now.

Both have contended their friendship has "never been about politics," but I find it hard to believe the cage fight of an election we've all been witnessing hasn't wrapped its tentacles around their peculiar friendship.


There is no way these two haven't been performing some extremely masterful passive aggressiveness whenever they actually have to talk. So I decided to take a guess at what the text messages between these two "friends" must be like now.

Take a look at what I've come up with.


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Making Plans

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Alec MacDonald


Alec MacDonald

First Day of the RNC

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First Day of the DNC

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Alec MacDonald

I hope when the dust clears and the battle is over, Chelsea and Ivanka can get together and pretend to like each other again.