Guy's Wife Couldn't Come On Honeymoon, So He Went With Her Photo Instead

What do you do when your new wife loses her passport right before your honeymoon, which you've put off for a year because you've been too busy?

If it was me, I'd just say "Fuck it" and go home to watch “Criminal Minds” season 69. But that's because I'm about as romantic as a colonic.

But when this scenario happened to Faizan Patel and his wife, Sana, they took it a bit more in stride.

They had booked an entire trip to Italy and Greece, and even paid for it. But his wife lost her passport and couldn't get a visa.

Faizan took one look at the situation and solved it:


He decided to go on the trip with a photograph of Sana, sending her pictures of the places he went to with her photo.


As Faizan explained to Buzzfeed, “I reached here only to miss her even more. I carried few of Sana's photos to be clicked next to me on her empty seats.”

That is literally the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Actually, correction: The sweetest thing I've ever heard is actually a sugar cube a bully shoved violently into my ear in the fourth grade.


Desperate and lonely, Faizan then decided to tweet Indian Foreign Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, for help. That's basically like getting locked out of your NY apartment and calling de Blasio.

Amazingly, she saw the tweet and sprung to action immediately.

She sent him back this glorious tweet because she gets shit done:

This trip was entirely planned by her. I wish to see her next to me soon.

Now, Sana is getting a new passport made and sent to her faster than could ever have been possible otherwise. She'll be joining him on his journey in real life, real soon.