Drunk Guys Who Flew To Thailand Come Back With 'Hangover'-Style Pics

A few days ago we brought you the story of two guys from Middlesbrough, England, who went out for a couple of quiet, chill beers one night and -- 18 hours and 7,000 miles later -- found themselves in Thailand.

Well, they're back home now, and yes, they took plenty of pictures.

I don't know how many of these they actually remember taking, but at least someone thought it was a good idea at the time.

Here are our protagonists: Phillip Boyle and Jamie Blyth.

In order to prepare for the trials and tribulations ahead, the heroes of this story probably drank enough beer to change the PH level of the Pacific Ocean.

Phillip and Jamie got drunk and thought, "You know what'd be a fun thing to do? Sit on a plane for 18 hours."

On the way, our brave heroes engaged in bloody combat with their ultimate nemesis, The Hangover, which made an appearance in the fifth hour of the flight.

They said they went because they had friends living there.

I have friends who live three stops away on the subway whose homes I've never and will never see.

When they got to Thailand, our heroes did something very surprising. They drank more.

The best stories are always hard to predict.

Then they shocked us all by drinking more.

If that is the face of a sober person, then I am the royal baby.

Then they made friends with people who, like them, had torsos.

I bet you guys $10 the guy in the middle is nicknamed "The Iron Potato."

Then one of our heroes got his sneakers stolen! So he rocked this look like a king.

Kind of a good look, actually.

Having surpassed all obstacles except the return flight, our drunk heroes rested.

Real superheroes wear masks, guys.

Then they drank more beer.


But keep a lookout for the sequel to this adventure, where our two brave protagonists tackle their next adventures: liver failure and divorce.