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Two Guys Go Out For A 'Quiet Beer' In England And End Up In Thailand


Two British buddies ended up halfway around the world after their relaxing night at the pub spun out of control.

Daily Mail reports that Phillip Boyle, 33, met up with Jamie Blyth, 33, and a few others for one drink in Middlesbrough, England, last Friday night.

The original plan was to have a beer or two, but Boyle and Blyth had thrown back more than that by the time they left the Southern Cross pub at about 1 am.

They even picked up some more beers at a gas station on the way to Boyle's house.

It was the next morning when Blyth, slightly hungover, came up with a ludicrous idea.

Boyle told the Daily Mail,

The two hadn't booked a flight, but Blyth called a taxi and the pair headed to Manchester Airport.

Boyle's luggage consisted of a small bag filled with underwear and some T-shirts.

They were on the road when Boyle learned that this wasn't his friend's first spontaneous trip.

He said,

It's not clear how long it took them to find a flight or when they left, but they eventually booked one with a layover in Abu Dhabi.

They reached Pattaya, which is a popular tourist resort in Thailand, after two seven-hour trips.

Boyle didn't elaborate as to what happened afterward, but the shenanigans seem to have left certain women very upset.

He adds,

Boyle and Blyth will reportedly be flying back home on Tuesday.

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