The Internet Is Losing It Over This Bizarre Clip From A British TV Show


One Twitter user discovered what is, perhaps, the single oddest 30 seconds of human history (setting aside, of course, the first time everyone had sex).

I have no idea how she came across this BBC clip, but Jesus Christ Lord Almighty am I glad she did.

This video is like finding firsthand footage of someone's fever dream.

And just like that, a meme is born: Bendy Wendy.

I'm terrified -- but I can't look away. This eye-circus is the new "Kazoo Kid."

Now, I have absolutely no idea what is going on here. But, because I was an English/film major in college, allow me to do a close and overelaborate reading of the symbolism.

If you think about it, this clip is like a mini romantic comedy. Two people meet each other. He is so self-loathing and yells at his finger and attacks it (symbolizing the modern man's tendency toward self-destruction). She has avoided being vulnerable by hurting people before they can hurt her for so long she doesn't know how else to live.

But, in being hurt by someone other than himself, he learns to stop hurting himself. By the power of his love, he breaks through her sadistic defense mechanisms, and, finally, as if the fog of loneliness has lifted to reveal the glowing warmth of romance, they can see each other clearly.

Or, you know, it's just some cray sh*t.

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